Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our cats

It's been a while since I've posted anything about our cats. We are so happy to have 2 cats who keep us company, don't meow too much and are sometimes cuddly and a lot of the times entertaining! The last time I weighed Ollie - he was 19.8 pounds!!!

Ava loving on Ollie - this sort of shows how big Ollie is (or how small Ava is).
Kitty the king of the chair (Or chair stealer as I like to call out)

Ollie desperate to get into the new bag of food that we brought home - almost 20 pounds - I wonder why. He LOVES to eat! :)
Just trying to show how big Ollie is compared to my foot. And, I wear size 8 shoes.
I think now Ollie is embarrassed that I am talking so much about his weight and his love to eat. He is a sweet, rub on you affectionate cat - but not a cuddly lap cat.
When Dennis was in Montana I bought a large crate and of course the cats had to jump right in and check it out. So, with the previous posts of Ollie's size - you can see how large this crate really is! :)
Kitty hanging out waiting for Dennis to come home.

A sewing project

For the past couple of years at convention, Dennis and I have slept in his pickup. It's not quite as large and posh as a camper however not quite as low to the ground or uncomfortable as a tent. And, to an extent there is a temperature control - we've ran both the air conditioner and heater while staying in the pickup. We use our hide-a-bed couch mattress to sleep on and it is really quite cozy. However, for the past 2 years or so we've ran into the problem about there not being any curtains for the windows. So I set out to make curtains - and wala! :)

Dennis sitting on the tailgate - this sort of shows the tent set up.
My beautiful curtains! They worked for this year - however we did find some improvements that could be made to them. Maybe in August of 2011 I'll set out to make different ones... who knows!
And Trek. One of my best childhood friends, Rhonda and her husband Andrew adopted Trek from Ethiopia. He has brought so much joy to their and others lives. At convention time, he was 20 months old he knew his abc's, could count to 10, could sing (with a tune too) Baa Baa Black Sheet, Twinkle Twinkle Star - and I taught him to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb. I am looking forward to the next time we can get together with Andrew, Rhonda and Trek!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Friday night almost last minute we decided to invite our friends Don and Jenny over for the evening. They had Don's brother Lyle with them and of course brought Ava too. We had a lot of fun. My mother in law bought us a really nice blender that makes soups, ice cream, fondues, etc and we wanted to make some ice cream for Don and Jenny. There also was an experiment and pictures are below to show! We had a great time - thanks again for coming over! We'll have to do it again soon.

Ava playing the piano
The 3 boys playing on their phones!
Ava wanting to play with Ollie but Ollie not having any of it!
Ollie in his hiding place behind the table!
Dennis letting Ava play a game on his phone.

Getting a nice hug from Ava.
The experiment: grinding coffee beans in the blender. The grinding worked great - however the beans were almost the consistency of flour!

Using a lot of strength, Dennis tries to french press the newly ground coffee beans. Uh, Dennis - isn't french press ground coffee supposed to be a coarse grind? We know who isn't the coffee drinker in this picture. I think from here, we just poured the coffee into mugs and tried drinking it!
Reactions from on lookers! We were all laughing so hard. Dennis really was pushing pretty hard!
Coffee is ready - Don and Lyle 'sniffing' the coffee and looking to see if it is drinkable.

Lyle taking his first sip
Hmmmm, STRONG.... but not too bad....

Ava either wanting some coffee, or wanting me to pick her up.

Lyle still drinking his coffee...
Don wondering if he CAN drink his! :)

Thanks again for coming - we had a great time!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I was honored enough to be chosen for an award from my co-workers. Along with the award came a night in a hotel in downtown Portland! I also got a wad of cash to use for our weekend (and we spent $100 on dinner one night)! We chose to stay there for 2 nights and we had a blast. We wouldn't just chose to spend a weekend in Portland since we live about 20 minutes away and it was great fun. The only downfall is that I forgot the dress that I was going to wear to the ceremony so on the plus side I got to go shopping and on the minus side I was worried about not finding a dress to wear. The ceremony was nice and we had a great weekend! We have yet to go to VooDoo donuts, we've heard there's a long line most of the time.

Dennis and I downtown Portland! We had a great weekend!

Our room - the tv part of it anyway!
A really nice, comfortable lounge chair
And a nice comfortable king sized bed with a fun design as part of the headboard
A person near the Saturday Market playing drums with buckets. It was interesting watching and listening to him.
So, I wanted to go to VooDoo donuts for breakfast, however when we saw that this was the line to get in, we vetoed that idea and went to Saturday Market for breakfast instead!

Some cool looking buildings. I took this pic from of our 5th story room window
I liked the way the red building looked in the other buildings window

The president, Jerry Ramey of the company I work for, Lightspeed Technologies
Me with Jerry and Lloyd
Me right after receiving my Circle of Excellence Award!

Weekend with the Smith family!

We went to Bend for a weekend - but not just any weekend a Smith Family Reunion weekend! Nate and Emily drove up from San Diego, Jon and Tamara came over from Boise, Dennis and I from Sherwood and met at mom and dad Smith's. We had a grand ol' time, however our time together was too short - like time with family always is. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family - loving parents, handsome brothers who can make me laugh and beautiful sister in laws who I know make my brothers happy! Love all of you!

I love these people! Each and every one of them. So glad to have them to call my 'family!'
The Smith family - a handsome bunch!
We were very happy to have Randy and Amy, Tessa, Trevon and Kaylee spend some time with us too.

A cute pic of Jon - he looks puzzled in this pic but I didn't want just pics of Nate! :)

Smelling the freshly ground coffee beans, taking in the aroma of the mornings pick-me-up!

Nate was so desperate for coffee that he was ready to eat freshly ground coffee beans!
Nate all ready with his uh, 2 or 3 guns! He's such a stud muffin!
Here are the tough boys - they were heading shooting right after this picture

The tough boys before their shooting adventure!

Jon and Nate singing "Trailers for sale or rent"

Another cool shot of the rifle

Nate bought one of Grandpa's rifle's and he wanted to take some pictures of it. Here's a neat picture of it!
Nate and Emily on their way out of town! Such a short time, but it was very nice too!

Present for Dennis

Unfortunately, Dennis learned that one of his high school friends had passed away. He felt that he needed to go to Jeremy's funeral so we bought him a plane ticket to head to Boise for the weekend. At that time, it was the longest we'd been apart in our marriage. Kitty, Ollie and I missed Dennis so I bought him a present upon his return - a Smore's maker! It is an awesome tool and of course we had to make use of it right away!

Laying the graham crackers and chocolate in the little basket things

Now with the marshmallows! Doesn't it looks scrumpiously yummy?
Cooking on the BBQ. (Yes, the grill parts are sort of melted, I think we'll be in the market for a new BBQ come next summer)!
Dennis enjoying his smore!