Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It has been a long time since I have added anything to our blog. I think that I forgot about it and figured that updating Facebook was enough - however I am starting to get a bit weary of Facebook so will try this blogging again. I have a lot of things to update so might start with some pictures when I have some time at home. In December of 2009 we went to Montana to visit Benjamin's and had a great time. In February of 2010 we went to Arizona for our 3rd wedding anniversary. We saw stayed in the Grand Canyon National Park and also in Scottsdale. We had a wonderful time. Since then, we had a weekend with my parents in Bend, a weekend with uncle Jerry and Rick & Julia in Seattle, another weekend at my parents with Jon & Tamara, Grandpa and Grandma Jensen came to see us and mom & dad Smith. I'll try to post pictures of all of the above mentioned activities. This weekend, we're going to go to Cirque du soleil and are looking forward to that. Also, Rick & Julia will spend a night with us this weekend which will be wonderful. I will let this be all for now - and hopefully I will be more diligent in updating our blog!

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