Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another trip to Bend

The weekend after Grandpa and Grandma came to visit, we headed to Bend again - because Jon and Tamara were coming to Bend. It was their first time back to Bend since their move to Boise. Their schedule was very tight, but we are happy that they had a little time to share with family.

Beautiful mountains

Deer we saw on our way into town

Dennis and dad spending time together

Jon came over his 29th birthday. Is this a mickey mouse pancake, or a bear?

Jon with his birthday pancake

Jon blowing out his candle

Tamara in her pedicure chair

Laura in her pedicure chair

Mom in her pedicure chair

My wonderful mom treated us to Starbucks!

Tamara, mom and me

While us girls were getting pampered, the boys were out shooting some new guns and having guy-fun!

Enough gun for everyone?

What used to be a fire extingersher

Phone book that took a bullet!

Video of Dennis shooting - fun!

Mom using the apple peeler that Grandpa J got for her birthday

The apple is getting peeled!

The apple is all peeled

Mom making yummy apple pie

Tamara was really hungry!

Dad, Mom, Dennis, Jen, Jon and Tamara

Laura and Tamara

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