Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trip to Seattle

The weekend after we went to Bend we went to Seattle to visit Uncle Jerry and Rick and Julia too. We had a great time there. Rick, Julia, Dennis and I went to the Bodies Exhibit in Seattle and had a great time. Then we went on a marathon shopping trip with Julia where she got some loot! We celebrated Julia's birthday with 5 couples total. Great time had by all! Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Rick & Julia

Julia and myself

Julia and me again

Gorgeous tulips - so many so bright so beautiful!

Husbands being goofs

Husbands with great smiles!

Original Starbucks - so busy outside!

Rick bought Julia flowers! (with money she handed him)

Dennis and I

Rick & Julia at Elliott Bay Brewery & Pub

Gang - Rick, Julia, Mitra, Rheinhart, Steve, Candy, Carla & Brian

Mitra and Rheinhart

Mitra and Rheinhart again

Carla and Brian!
Dennis and Jen

Julia all embarrasssed because we sang Happy Birthday!

The whole gang

Uncle Jerry

Rick, Julia, Dennis, Jen

Uncle Jerry, Julie Lynn, Jen, Dennis, Julia, Rick

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