Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I think I had mentioned in an earlier post that we were planning on going to Cirque de Soleil. We brought Dennis' small camera, however they asked for no pictures to be taken :( It was an amazing show, if you haven't ever seen it, I'd highly recommend going. If you have seen it, well, let's go together next year! So, the day of the show - I wanted to have straight hair. My hair is anything but straight all the time! So, a good friend of mine spent 2 hours and ta da... (pictures below)... After coming home from Cirque de soleil we were honored to have Rick and Julia here at our house for the night - and Rick even stayed up and waited for us! Thanks Rick it was nice to visit with you. Dennis and Rick stayed up into the wee hours talking cousin guy talk... We had a very nice Sunday with them and ate our first meal of 2010 outside on our patio! Such a nice summery day! I will let this be all for now!

Lookit my oh so straight hair! Someday I will post a 'normal' looking hair day - how unstraight my hair is! :)
Another view of my straight hair! If it didn't take 2 hours, I would do it more often!
Mom helped me plant some flowers in some pots on the deck - they have grown a lot since this picture, I will have to send updates!
The table is set for our first meal outside!
Cute newlyweds! Rick and Julia!


So, it's been a while since I have posted, because I forgot how to log on! Oh No! But, I finally figured it out - so I will be updating pretty much the past month of our life. So, stay tuned for updates!