Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rowena and Mari visit!

We were lucky to have Kari, Rowena and Mari come to visit us on their trip to Oregon from Montana. We had a very nice visit for an evening and enjoyed playing with Rowena and Mari. Lee and Lela were able to come for a short time as well. Thanks, Kari for making us a stop on your trip!

When Rowena saw Mari holding my phone she said "Hey, someone has MY phone!"
Lee and Lela Jacobsen - some good friends of ours
Mari standing up. She is almost walking!

Rowena and Mari playing with Ollie. See how huge Ollie is?

Mari the turtle!
Rowena and Ollie. Rowena is 3, Ollie is 2. Rowena weighs 27 pounds, Ollie weighs 18!
Jen with 2 of her favorite girls. Rowena has my phone - she loves Jen's purple phone!
Dennis with Rowena and Mari!

Our cats

So, as most of you know we have 2 cats - Kitty and Ollie. Dennis proposed to me with Kitty and Kitty lived with Dennis before we got married. About a year after we were married we decided that I needed a cat of my own so we went to Cat Adoption Team 'just to look', fell in love with Ollie and of course had to adopt him. Kitty weighed about 13-14 pounds before we got Ollie - now he is around 11. Ollie is only 2 years old and weighs anywhere from 18-20 pounds - he is our porker! Here are just a couple of pictures of our furry boys and I'm sure there will be more to come!

Here's Kitty showing off his belly!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boise Weekend!

We headed to Boise for the weekend of Dennis' 10 year class reunion. We were able to take Friday off work so headed there Thursday after work. We drove all night, arriving to Eric and Lenora's (Dennis' sister) at about 2:30 am. Friday, Dennis and his dad spent some time together and Tamara and I went to Hobby Lobby! Wow! What an amazing store. Alls I can say is I hope one comes to Portland, but I also hope one doesn't because I can imagine lots of my money going there! Friday night was a picnic in the park for Dennis' class reunion. It was amusing for me to watch his former classmates interact with one another - especially since my reunion was a couple of years ago. Are everyone's 10 year reunions uncomfortable? Later Friday evening, after the picnic we headed back to Eric and Lenora's and then went to Merritts! If you ever visit Boise you should head to Merritts! It is a scone place - but not the type of scones that Starbucks sells. They are deep fried yummy-ness. And, you can order one with fruit, meat, eggs, etc... tons of options. The seats have duct tape on them - it's an experience! Saturday morning Jon, Tamara, Eric, Lenora, Dennis and I went out to breakfast at Goldy's another yummy place. We walked the Saturday market prior to breakfast because of a 1 hour wait for a table. After breakfast, the guys went shooting and Tamara, Jenny and I headed to Hobby Lobby again! Saturday evening Jenny took all of us to the Greek festival which was yummy and an experience! Sunday morning was union meeting and luckily all of our family members meet together so we were able to be in meeting with them all! It was a very nice day, then we had lunch with Jenny, saw Lloyd and headed for home! It was a grand weekend!Eric and Reina
Jon and Tamara at Goldies
Eric and Lenora
Eric shooting
Jon shooting!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Celebrating Dad's birthday

Mom and dad came for the weekend of Dad's birthday! We were able to surprise him with having Archie and Edie Brown over for dinner. We had a wonderful evening with them. I made my first ever German Chocolate Cake for dad - his favorite - and we managed to put 53 candles into it, 12 of them trick candles. Dennis and I also rigged up a spider on the chandler a family joke. The cake was delish and the company was superb! Overall a very good evening!

Setting up the spider to drop on dad as we sing Happy Birthday!
Align Center

Pretty flowers at this time of year - from our yard!

Dad and Arch visiting

Mom, Arch and Edie - and our orange wall!

The whole gang minus Jen and dad

Yummy German Chocolate Cake!

Mom trying to help dad blow out his candles!

Dad holding the spider and blowing out his candles!