Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rowena and Mari visit!

We were lucky to have Kari, Rowena and Mari come to visit us on their trip to Oregon from Montana. We had a very nice visit for an evening and enjoyed playing with Rowena and Mari. Lee and Lela were able to come for a short time as well. Thanks, Kari for making us a stop on your trip!

When Rowena saw Mari holding my phone she said "Hey, someone has MY phone!"
Lee and Lela Jacobsen - some good friends of ours
Mari standing up. She is almost walking!

Rowena and Mari playing with Ollie. See how huge Ollie is?

Mari the turtle!
Rowena and Ollie. Rowena is 3, Ollie is 2. Rowena weighs 27 pounds, Ollie weighs 18!
Jen with 2 of her favorite girls. Rowena has my phone - she loves Jen's purple phone!
Dennis with Rowena and Mari!

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