Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weber-Fortune Family Reunion

The last half of our week in Montana was spent at the Weber-Fortune family reunion. We had a wonderful time, met a lot of people and ate some good food. The highlight of the trip for me was the Sunday morning meeting we had. Other highlights were visiting with people, playing with kids, roasting marshmallows and visiting. I'm sure the next 5 years will go quickly.

Dennis and I relaxing
Trying to hide a kiss!
Dennis started the fire while the rest of us were at the talent show

Beautiful scenery
Tyler and Rowena being cute!
Amanda, Dennis, Jen, Lenora and Eric
Beautiful creek we hiked to
Even big kids liked to play on the tractors that Grandpa brought
Rowena being cute

My favorite picture of Tyler

Rowena, Mari and Boyd in the bike trailer
Tyler gets a shoulder ride from Dennis
Rowena loves Jen's elephant!
Tyler holding Dennis' doggy

Rowena sitting in a 'big camp chair'
Dennis and Sweet Mari
Dennis giving Tyler a huge hug!
Sweet Mari playing with a ball in the wagon
Jamin and Mari

Rowena and Araya in the hippo swimming pool
Rowena showing off her pretty braids and adorable Araya
Eric and Isaac - adorable 10 month old twins!
Eric and Isaac again
Grandpa Cliff holding Isaac with Eric crawling on him

Some cooks in the kitchen. A huge thanks to all who cooked, grocery shopped, and did the before, during and after work to make this reunion such a success
Visiting - people loved to talk with each other!
Some visiting inside
Outside visiting
Dennis and his dad!

Roy, Kaylee and Gomez (still incubating)

Kevin and Stephanie

Josiah and Jake Diaz
Grandpa Harry, Dad & Mon Benjamin visiting
Some more visiting

Auntie Jewell and Jenny

More visiting - Audrey describing something big! :)
Dennis and Debbie Fortune (?)
Tim Hinkle and Faye (Fortune)

Jamin, Mari and Dale

And more visiting - Roberta and Auntie Joyce
More visiting!

Some visiting happening

Dale and Rowena

Grandpa Harry loaded up a lot of pedal tractors for the kids to play on and his golf cart to get around the reunion on. Here they are ready to leave with everything loaded up on the trailer pulled by their cadallic!
Grandpa Harry and Dale visiting

Sweet Mari!

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  1. awwww...y'all look so happy!:0) looks like u had a nice time in montana!:0)