Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am here! So, it appears that my last 2 posts include half our time in Montana! So, I will go through pictures and put some up of our time in Shelby Montana - the first part of our trip there. I do remember that we had a wonderful time. Our time there was not long enough - as always.

I love these 2 little girls! I made them these matching skirts and hope to make them some more matching skirts. Maybe if baby #3 is another girl for this family, I'll have 3 skirts to make! :)

A beautiful Montana sunset!
Dale, Kari, Rowena and Mari!

Rowena and Mari playing they were washing radishes in the dirt then taking bites!
My sweet husband and I in Montana
Rowena - isn't she beautiful?
Mari and her big beautiful blue eyes!

Dale, Kari, Rowena and Mari (soon to be one more)

Dennis and Mari making the same facial expression! :) Mari would open her mouth really wide.

How a Montana farmer drives - with a Lizzy on lap! :)
Beautiful Montana rainbow. I love the color contrast.
Dennis and cousin Roy having a good chat - they are good buddies wish we lived closer.

Montana wheat - where Roy farms.