Friday, November 5, 2010

I was honored enough to be chosen for an award from my co-workers. Along with the award came a night in a hotel in downtown Portland! I also got a wad of cash to use for our weekend (and we spent $100 on dinner one night)! We chose to stay there for 2 nights and we had a blast. We wouldn't just chose to spend a weekend in Portland since we live about 20 minutes away and it was great fun. The only downfall is that I forgot the dress that I was going to wear to the ceremony so on the plus side I got to go shopping and on the minus side I was worried about not finding a dress to wear. The ceremony was nice and we had a great weekend! We have yet to go to VooDoo donuts, we've heard there's a long line most of the time.

Dennis and I downtown Portland! We had a great weekend!

Our room - the tv part of it anyway!
A really nice, comfortable lounge chair
And a nice comfortable king sized bed with a fun design as part of the headboard
A person near the Saturday Market playing drums with buckets. It was interesting watching and listening to him.
So, I wanted to go to VooDoo donuts for breakfast, however when we saw that this was the line to get in, we vetoed that idea and went to Saturday Market for breakfast instead!

Some cool looking buildings. I took this pic from of our 5th story room window
I liked the way the red building looked in the other buildings window

The president, Jerry Ramey of the company I work for, Lightspeed Technologies
Me with Jerry and Lloyd
Me right after receiving my Circle of Excellence Award!

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