Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Friday night almost last minute we decided to invite our friends Don and Jenny over for the evening. They had Don's brother Lyle with them and of course brought Ava too. We had a lot of fun. My mother in law bought us a really nice blender that makes soups, ice cream, fondues, etc and we wanted to make some ice cream for Don and Jenny. There also was an experiment and pictures are below to show! We had a great time - thanks again for coming over! We'll have to do it again soon.

Ava playing the piano
The 3 boys playing on their phones!
Ava wanting to play with Ollie but Ollie not having any of it!
Ollie in his hiding place behind the table!
Dennis letting Ava play a game on his phone.

Getting a nice hug from Ava.
The experiment: grinding coffee beans in the blender. The grinding worked great - however the beans were almost the consistency of flour!

Using a lot of strength, Dennis tries to french press the newly ground coffee beans. Uh, Dennis - isn't french press ground coffee supposed to be a coarse grind? We know who isn't the coffee drinker in this picture. I think from here, we just poured the coffee into mugs and tried drinking it!
Reactions from on lookers! We were all laughing so hard. Dennis really was pushing pretty hard!
Coffee is ready - Don and Lyle 'sniffing' the coffee and looking to see if it is drinkable.

Lyle taking his first sip
Hmmmm, STRONG.... but not too bad....

Ava either wanting some coffee, or wanting me to pick her up.

Lyle still drinking his coffee...
Don wondering if he CAN drink his! :)

Thanks again for coming - we had a great time!

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