Friday, November 5, 2010

Present for Dennis

Unfortunately, Dennis learned that one of his high school friends had passed away. He felt that he needed to go to Jeremy's funeral so we bought him a plane ticket to head to Boise for the weekend. At that time, it was the longest we'd been apart in our marriage. Kitty, Ollie and I missed Dennis so I bought him a present upon his return - a Smore's maker! It is an awesome tool and of course we had to make use of it right away!

Laying the graham crackers and chocolate in the little basket things

Now with the marshmallows! Doesn't it looks scrumpiously yummy?
Cooking on the BBQ. (Yes, the grill parts are sort of melted, I think we'll be in the market for a new BBQ come next summer)!
Dennis enjoying his smore!

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