Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Glacier again!

Because it was foggy on Wednesday while we were in Glacier, we decided to go back through on our way home. It was slightly out of the way - but not too bad. So, Sunday after meeting and the potluck we headed out for Glacier. The drive was beautiful and so was Glacier. We were wishing that we had another week off work to spend there. We entered Glacier through the East entrance and drove  on Going-to-the-Sun Road again. Next time we are in Glacier we hope to go to Many Glacier - we've heard it's gorgeous! Once we arrived to Logan Pass we hiked about 2 miles in to Hidden Lake and saw some mountain goats! I think that was the highlight of this time in Glacier for me. I was thankful that Dennis was driving because it was starting to get dark as we descended that windy, narrow road! After our stop in Glacier, we drove until 2 am, where we stopped for a hotel. It was an amazing day!

Entering Glacier again - only through the East side this time

Glacier Park Lodge - looked gorgeous

Water and this side of Glacier's vegetation was drier than West Glacier

Dry side of Glacier

Sad to see the effects a forest fire had on Glacier

The Welcome sign! 

Pretty mountains and water

Pretty mountains, water with the moon

It's starting to get greener - lovely sunny day!

More mountains and trees

This is at Logan Pass

Us near the interpretation center at Logan Pass

Can you find the marmot?

The mountain goat that we saw! I think he liked all the pictures that were being taken of him!

Another shot of the mountain goat

A close up of his cute face. I'm glad that his cute face didn't come close to me, though ... :)

Another mountain goat quite a ways down from where we were standing

Us with the mountain goat behind us

Us at Hidden Lake

Sitting in wildflowers

My handsome husband

Pretty wildflowers and mountains

Mountain with moon

We were there at sunset and the colors were gorgeous!

Another picture of us by the Logan Pass sign - not foggy this time (but getting dark) 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shelby Day 3

We were sad that this was to be our last day in Shelby. But we really enjoyed our visit again - even though this time was quite a bit shorter than the previous visits. This day being Sunday, we loaded up all our stuff and headed to meeting. Meeting was special, it was all family. After meeting there was a potluck which of course we stayed for. The surprise birthday party that I had planned for Dennis didn't quite work out the way I thought it would - but that's okay! 

I was extremely happy to be on 'hair duty' this morning! French braids for the older girls!

Even Mari has french braids. I think Rowena's hair was this length when I first put french braids in her hair

Dale, Kari, Rowena, Mari and Katelynn - a gorgeous family!

Rick and Julia (at Cliff and Jewel's cabin)

Rick and Julia again

The kids table - Mari, Lonnie, Rowena, Ian and Ivan

Dennis as we were singing Happy Birthday

Roy and baby Joe

Lonnie and Joe

Rick and Mari - both have such beautiful blue eyes!

We had a wonderful time here. We left around 2 and then headed back towards Glacier. Pictures of Glacier to come shortly. Thanks to all who saw us and put up with yet another visit of ours to the Shelby area!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shelby Day 2

We had another really good day on the farm. Dennis headed into town with cousin Roy and I got busy making a cake for the surprise party I had planned for Dennis. Our morning started off with breakfast - Rick and Julia were visiting also so there were lots of us! After breakfast Roy came and chatted for a while and the girls were outside playing. Later this day, I got to ride in a combine with Roy, my first combine experience. I also tried to get pictures of the girls in the matching skirts that I made for them - We had another really good day on the farm!

Dale, Roy and Dale (cousins) visiting

Love this pic. Rowena and Mari playing in the field in their jammies!

 Lizzy (golden retriever) and Ozzie - the farm dogs!

Love this girl and her blue eyes

Lizzy is an amazing catch! Rowena was throwing her dirt clumps

Mari. Beautiful girl with gorgeous blue eyes. This little girl had such a tough beginning - born way too early. She is definitely a miracle and I am constantly amazed at all that she has already gone through in her short life. I could probably go on and on and on ... but maybe I can sum it up by saying that she takes up a huge part in my heart! Love you, Mari.

Katelynn. Chubby baby! It was awesome being around Katelynn for a short while. I don't know her as well as I know Rowena and Mari and that saddens me. However, if she is anything like her sisters whenever we come to visit she'll just love us! She is so super chubby, and has an amazing smile! Katelynn, I love you too and hope that someday we can really get to know each other

All 3 girls - wearing the skirts that I made for them. These sisters are so lucky to have each other. Something I will never know - the friendship and love of a sister. Rowena, Mari and Katelynn - I hope you know and appreciate (maybe when you're quite a bit older) what treasures you have in each other.

Mouse Trap completely fell asleep on my lap. I think he was appreciating having a nice, warm, quiet and still place to lay. 

Rowena is an awesome kitchen help! Mari helped some too - but Rowena did a lot for me this day. Making german chocolate cake for Dennis' surprise party

A combine!!!

Dennis and I in front of the combine. Word of advice: Don't wear shorts and sandals in a wheat field - my legs got completely scratched up!

Front view of a combine

The Sweet Grass hills with a wheat field and clouds

The view from inside the combine. Roy and his help spend hours in combines during wheat harvest. Could you do it?

Roy and I inside the combine

There was a antelope and a fox in the field. If you click on this picture it will make it bigger. The bigger black spot is the antelope and the smaller black dot really close to the antelope is the fox!

Looking out the back window of the combine

The auger unloading the wheat from the combine to the back of a semi truck!

See Lizzy in the combine?


Gorgeous Katelynn! Love her smile

Sweet Mari! Love her blue eyes

Rowena and Ian - best buds - swinging

Train that went by

Moon, old building, tree

Beautiful sunset

Same time, just different setting on my camera as pic above

Rowena 'plugging' her nose - someone had a stinky diaper! Uncle Rick taught Rowena how to do this!