Saturday, January 22, 2011


So, it's been a while (again) since I've updated our blog. Life has been extremely busy! I had high hopes to get it done in the past couple of days but haven't taken or really had the time to do it. I wondered that if I included our blog in the Christmas letter we sent out - if I wouldn't update it as often. I don't know why - but that seems how I am sometimes.

We had a wonderful time in Montana. We left bright and early at 4:45 am Friday morning (Christmas Eve) and arrived to our destination around 8:30. We stayed with Dale and Kari this time and had plenty of time playing with Rowena and Mari. Those girls have grown so much and are adorable. Rowena kept asking me "I'm gwowing up, Jen, aren't I?" Mari learned so many new words when we were there - it was amazing watching her develop her vocabulary.

On our way back from Montana we got the flu so had to take a couple extra days off work to recover. That wasn't fun - but hopefully neither of us will get sick for the rest of 2011.

Then, this Thursday 1/20 Dennis had surgery on his shoulder. He hurt it at work 6 weeks ago and after going to several doctors, MRI's, appointments, decision making ... we decided surgery would be best. The surgeon was able to repair a tear in his shoulder but wasn't able to repair the bicep. This shouldn't affect Dennis too long term. This is his 2nd surgery since we've been married and let me tell you, I sure don't like being the one sitting out in the waiting room. I kept hearing paging for all additional doctors to a certain operating room and I was nervous it was Dennis. I have told him strictly that he is not allowed to have another surgery!

I was able to get Thursday and Friday off work to care for him - which has been nice. He is one armed right now. I mean, he does have 2 arms... but only one is useable. His right arm is in a sling and the sling rests on a pillow that is on his side.

But, with my surgery in November, vacationing in December, then getting sick in Jan and his surgery ... this has left me with no vacation time at work. I used to have 40 hours of PTO just sitting there in case I needed to use it. So now, I need to save up the 40 hours and then some before I can take time off work again.

There wont be any pictures with this post - but someday soon I'll update with pictures.

Hope all is well in your world - come visit!