Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dale and Kari visit!

We had the privilege of having Dale and Kari stay a night with us on their journey to Oregon. We had such a wonderful time with them and realize how much we miss seeing them often. We had dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant, Ixtapa and then us girls went shopping at Mudpuddles an amazing toy store. It was so much fun to see Rowena and Mari again and to meet the newest addition, Katelynn. She is adorable and it was fun to have a lively household full of children. We are looking forward to the next time we can see our good friends!

Mari and sharing a laugh today. I love the sweet moments I had with each girl.

Rowena giving me a hug - another sweet moment for me!
Holding Katelynn - what a sweet baby!

Ollie just hung out - he likes to be where people are - even with kids around!
2 of Rowena's favorite belongings of Jen's. Jen's purple phone and Elephant!

Again, Rowena with Jen's phone and Elephant.
Sweet Mari! I love her blue eyes and blond hair. She is such a sweetheart too!
Dennis and Rowena sharing a laugh!
Dennis holding Mari. She can be extremely cuddly

And, Dennis even held Katelynn ... of course I had to document it! :)

Kitty not too happy with company - uh, or rather kids here. We think it was because Dennis and I were gone so his comfort people weren't here.
Ollie tolerates kids pretty well.

Katelynn in a huge bed! Well, it's just a full but it looks huge with her in it!
Beautiful Mari

Sweet Mari again
Katelynn looking at the camera

Close up of Katelynn

I love Mari's blue eyes! She melts my heart!
Rowena playing outside in her yard. When she lived in this house she would spend hours playing in these same rocks!

Rowena giving Mari a hug
Rowena weeding for us! If only we could have kept her longer our yard would look amazing! Guess I have lots of work to do this spring/summer.

It was impossible to get all 5 of these people to look at the camera. So, this is my favorite pic. Kari looking at Rowena. Dale and Mari looking at Katelynn! Thanks for fitting us into your schedule.

All packed up and ready to go.

We are looking forward to the next time we can see you beautiful girls and your wonderful parents who are our great friends!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dennis and I have been married for 4 years! Wow, really 4 years? Where has the time gone? Does that mean that we are no longer newlyweds? Are we beginning to fit into the category of an 'old married couple?' Anyway - this year our anniversary trip brought us to Leavenworth, Wa. I had been there, but Dennis never had. When we were discussing where to go to celebrate - here are the things on his list. #1 snow #2 mountains #3 secluded #4 not a lot of people #5 pretty scenery. He wanted to go sledding but because of his shoulder surgery we decided to be safe and just stay on our two feet. We had a splendid time and are highly recommending this place to others. It was super relaxing, private and we just had a great time!

Where we stayed - Wedge Mountain Cottage - a lovely place
On our way there, of course we had to stop by the Cle Elum Bakery. As a child on road trips Dad Smith would ALWAYS stop by the bakery in Cle Elum!
And we stopped by Owens Meat Market too - they have wonderful pepperoni sticks and beef jerky too! Worth the stop!
On our anniversary - happy 4 years to the love of my life

Outside our cottage - we had beautiful mountain views

In Leavenworth - they were shooting snow/ice onto trees. Then they quit as the weather was getting warmer. Couldn't figure that one out. Anyway - they were preparing to shoot a movie there and needed more snow
A very cool tractor outside of the Bavarian Lodge

Us on a walk in Leavenworth
My handsome hubby
And his smiley wife
Pizza on my head? The Hat Shoppe!

Uh, Dennis your hair is a little outta control. Maybe I should learn how to cut mens hair?

Dennis cooking us supper!
Our cozy cabin.

On a drive - we saw some pretty scenery

From the old tv series Northern Exposure. We stopped by Roslyn on our way back home. "The Brick" Sadly we didn't go in - but hopefully someday we can!
Roslyn cafe. I kept looking for a moose but never did see one crossing the road!

Frozen waterfalls on our journey home near Snoqualmie Pass.

We had a great time - next year I am thinking a cruise or Hawaii for our anniversary trip - I need sunshine! :)

Ladies Craft Night

My good friend Jenny and I started a Ladies Craft Night. It has been a success and we ladies have a lot of fun getting together. I hosted it at our home one evening and here are some pictures of our evening together. Turns out I didn't get anything on my project done because of the little person wearing a pink jacket - Ava!

Ava sitting on the blanket I was trying to work on
Ava standing or jumping now on the blanket I had planned to work on
Ava's smiley face - it's so cute!
Mary and Dorothy - they come and enjoy visiting!

Jenny working on some uh-mazing fabric letters. Here is a link to see a picture of them click here
Charlotte and Anne
Ava was telling June a story. She was very animated. We were all laughing so hard - thanks for the entertainment, Ava. You can also see our bright orange dining room wall!
Ava still telling her story
Ava copying Charlotte. Apparently Charlotte covers her mouth when she laughs and Ava picked that up from her! What a cutie!