Thursday, March 17, 2011

Boise Weekend

Nate flew up from San Diego to Boise to visit Jon and Tamara and the town of Boise. Luckily, it worked out for the rest of our family to meet in Boise. We did miss Emily during the trip though - hopefully we'll all be together again soon. Saturday, Dennis, Nate, Jon & Tamara went to Table Rock, while mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and dad went to some coffee shops! Here are a few pics of our enjoyable time with family. We were able to stay with my in-laws which was incredibly nice to see them too. Oh - on a side note - remember earlier I mentioned that Dennis does not like coffee? Well, we found out that he does like Turkish coffee! Wahoo - finally my husband will drink coffee with me!

I don't know what was so funny - but I love the look of family together and laughing!

Nate the great! Oh how I wish we lived closer

Christmas present from me to each of us kids ... we argue over which one of us had it the hardest growing up. Of course, no questions, I did being the oldest and only girl! (sorry for the closed eyes in the picture)
Jon and Nate's ornaments!

My sweet sister in law
The Table Rock gang! Looks like fun!

Nate the rock climber!
Jon the push up doer!

We all went out to lunch together and shared this yummy plate full of nachos! Wow, they were delish!
Also, Nate ordered sushi - uh, I think he enjoyed it

Downtown Boise - us kids! Love my family!
Us kids and mom with us! It was a gorgeous day!

Fresh roasted coffee beans!
Neat artwork with coffee beans and picture
Coffee roasting process! The famous coffee roasters.
Sunday - the Smith family

Sunday - the Benjamin family

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