Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catching up with blogging

Trying to get caught with blogging - starting in October 2010. Grandpa and Grandma Smith's 60th wedding anniversary that most of dad's family was there. It was a grand time to see everyone again and have fun with all.

Mil and Sherry Merryman

Megan with Kate still baking, Ellia and Scott
Grandpa and Grandma holding hands - aren't they cute?

Auntie Anne Marie and me - she is a lovely auntie!

Lots of visiting going on

Cousins acting tough! Or cool? Or just being boys?
Grandpa, Grandma and their 8 kids
Chattering Smiths!

Amy the wonderful planner of this reunion - and Grandpa too

Jon, is it that bad being stuck in the elevator with a bunch of Smiths?

Grandpa and Grandma looking at their surprise present - a picture book the family put together for them. It was a wonderful gift!
Welcome to the Smith Family Reunion!
Still smooching after 60 years!
Grandpa and Grandma with their sign! Congratulations Gpa and Gma! I don't think Dennis and I will make it 60 years (unless I live to be 88 and Dennis 85) I suppose there's a chance! We're going for it! A great time was had by all and it would be awesome if we could all get together again someday! Love all of my family!

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