Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christmas in Montana 2010

We went to Montana for Christmas again this year. We had a lovely time. Allyson Barton rode with us there and I realize that we have no pictures to prove it! She was a pretty quiet rider in the back seat! We left Friday morning at 4:45 am and drove straight, getting into Devon around 8pm that night. We were there for a week and here is a glimpse into our trip!

While driving, we found this cool flowing water, turned into ice formation!
More of the ice formation
Lots of snow even on branches
Another of the ice formation

This car was so loaded down with stuff! See the stack of buckets? And the bicycle? The inside of the car was just as jam packed!
Cool old house in Missoula, MT
Rowena getting a massage from her Grandma Sue
Mari's turn to get a massage

Awww, sweet Rowena is giving Grandma Sue a massage
Rowena is still massaging Grandma!
Mari's beautiful blue eyes!

Aunt Marlene sharing a snack with Rowena and Mari
Uncle Marv and Auntie Sue

Lonnie with a messy face!
Rowena watching Dennis play games

Bored kids? Hand them your iphone! Ian and Rowena entertained!
My handsome husband and myself
Eric and Lenora came too!

Rowena's (first choice) monkey wearing shoes!
Someone sent Rowena in a box to us?
Mari being super cute with her blankie

Rowena with a box on her head - she is such a goof!
Rowena sharing a snack with the monkeys

Mari combing her monkey's fur. Rowena traded after she realized Mari had the pink monkey, as pink is Rowena's favorite color
Little purple riding hood! Rowena all bundled up to feed the chickens with Uncle Cliff
Dennis standing in a snow drift

Plop! That's a lot of snow!
Eric and Rowena playing with cars

Rowena getting some cuddle time in with Dennis
Grandpa and Grandma Benjamin

Dennis and Rowena playing in the snow at night!
Dennis reading to Mari

Our winter 'picnic'

Rowena brought all her stuffed animals too
Rowena knows how to eat olives!
A Montana snow plow!

SLEDDING! We went sledding in 15 below! It was a blast!
Dale and Rowena sledding!

Dennis turned white quickly in the cold and snow!
Ha - so sledding there was some prickly pear cactus that we fell in. Rowena told her dad she knew he had some slivers in his feet. She had his head lamp on and was trying to get the slivers out!

Rowena's precious smile!
Concentrating so hard to get the slivers out
Rowena giving me a foot massage - my feet were still slimy with lotion the next morning! :)

snow drifts
Old falling down barn
Snow drifting across the highway

Another old barn picture
Gorgeous Montana sky

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