Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ladies Craft Night

My good friend Jenny and I started a Ladies Craft Night. It has been a success and we ladies have a lot of fun getting together. I hosted it at our home one evening and here are some pictures of our evening together. Turns out I didn't get anything on my project done because of the little person wearing a pink jacket - Ava!

Ava sitting on the blanket I was trying to work on
Ava standing or jumping now on the blanket I had planned to work on
Ava's smiley face - it's so cute!
Mary and Dorothy - they come and enjoy visiting!

Jenny working on some uh-mazing fabric letters. Here is a link to see a picture of them click here
Charlotte and Anne
Ava was telling June a story. She was very animated. We were all laughing so hard - thanks for the entertainment, Ava. You can also see our bright orange dining room wall!
Ava still telling her story
Ava copying Charlotte. Apparently Charlotte covers her mouth when she laughs and Ava picked that up from her! What a cutie!

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