Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blanket / Quilt for Larry

Recently I had a co-worker retire from work as he was battling cancer. He always saw the good in everyone he met and was a prince of a gentleman. I had asked Larry what his favorite animal was and when he said elephant I got really excited because they are my favorite animal too. I had heard that cancer patients get cold easily so I found a beautiful elephant panel and bought some more soft, cozy, fuzzy fabric to make a blanket for him. The material I chose happened to be really hard to work with so I had a gracious co-worker offer to quilt the blanket for me. I was super pleased with the results! Larry passed away April 30th and I know he will be missed by all. The company I work for, in the 20 years it has been in business has never shut down for anything. However Lightspeed did close the afternoon of Larry's memorial service so many of his co-workers could attend. We all miss Larry dearly and think of his wife and daughters often. Hug your family and love them with all the love you have. And, be like Larry and kind to everyone you meet. You don't know what others might be going through.

The front of the blanket laying down on a bed

The back of the blanket. Can you see the beautiful quilting design?
The blanket being held up outside. It was fairly good sized.

After visiting Larry once he was at home, he told me that he cuddled with the blanket all the time and that he showed and told everyone that came over about it. I am so thankful that he made use out of something that I put not just work but a lot of love into!

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  1. I would like to have met Larry. Thank you for being a good friend to him.