Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Girls weekend!

One fine weekend in April, my mom's 2 sisters decided to go visit her and have a girls weekend. 2 of my girl cousins got to join in on the fun. I decided that it would be fun to go and surprise everyone by showing up. When I arrived on Friday night, I rang the doorbell and my girl cousins ran to the door screaming "Jenny Jenny Jenny is here." We had a great time that weekend. Friday night was filled with food and visiting. I was shocked and amazed when at about 9:00 my mom and her sisters were ready to turn in for the night! I sure know that I take after the Smith side of my family being a night owl. Good thing I had a book to keep me up until an appropriate time to turn in for a Friday night! :) Saturday, I took the girls to a park and then we went shopping. We also went out for coffee and had a lavender latte! Have you ever had one? If not, it's definitely worth a try (although one of my aunties didn't care for her's too much) Saturday evening 2 more of my cousins, who live in the area spent the night at moms house. There were 4 little bodies in the living room for the night. I was once again shocked and amazed when on Sunday morning I heard my 4 cousins talking, giggling, and some arguing at 6:30 am!!! I was definitely not ready to face the day yet! Anyway - a great time was had by all. I'm thankful that my mom, aunts and girl cousins let me in on their girls weekend (uh, not that they had much choice) :)

Sophie posing and being cute!

Chloe's turn for posing. This rock was so tall - she is an amazing rock climber!

Chloe and Sophie - my 2 adorable cousins!
The girls and me! Thanks to Chloe's fast climbing ability and the auto setting on my camera we were able to capture all 3 of us!

Again my adorable cousins. Chloe helped Sophie up this rock, it was super cute to see them working together!

Sophie wearing Auntie Debbie's reading glasses and typing at the old typewriter!
4 bugs in 4 rugs!
Sunday morning I did the girl's hair! For Chloe and Sophie I did criss cross french braids. They are sort of hard to see in this picture but super cute! Willa wanted a ponytail so that's what she got!

The kids all crammed in the car - heading back to Uncle Chris's to drop off 2 kids! See Finn tucked way in the back?

My mom and her lovely sisters! Aren't the beautiful? What an honor to have them in my family!

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