Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evening with the Waldo's

So we finally broke down and got a Wii. We haven't played it too much nor have we bought any games that didn't come with it. We have had fun with it though and had Don, Jenny and Ava over while it was still fairly new. Here are some pics of our fun evening.

I think Ava may be ready to be a big sister. The doll: Emily Sue - some of you may remember her! I think I got her when I was 5 years old and she is still my favorite doll!
Dennis and Don playing the Wii

Um, carrying a baby by the neck? Maybe Ava isn't ready to be a big sister yet ...
Oh no, Ava you aren't supposed to carry real babies by their feet. Maybe some more time will be good for her!

Ava sitting in a chair looking all grown up.

Well, she sort of is grown up. She is not even 2 yet and knows her ABC's by sight and the song, can count to 10, is starting to know her colors, repeats most everything a person says AND she can say FRAPPUCCINO! Yeah, my kind of girl. Oh and not to mention that her mom is a very good friend of mine and Ava herself is so cute. We are super sad they are moving away but we'll be sure to visit as often as we can!

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