Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On a nice sunny day, Jenny, Ava and I headed to the Oregon Ag festival. We had a lot of fun - ended the day with shopping! There were lots of neat animals, not too many pictures on here of them, though because Ava didn't want to touch them and she is cringing in most of the pics! :) We had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to going again someday.

Ava checking out the chicks.

Ava sitting in an 'egg' chair
Ava sitting on a cow
We got to watch a sheep being shorn. It was pretty amazing.

More of the wool is gone
There is the sheep's wool

Ava's favorite thing to do. She loves to push her stroller, push grocery carts in stores. I think she needs her own baby stroller and shopping cart to push!

Ava holding Roscoe - a stuffed pear.
Jenny and Ava on a horse drawn carriage

The pretty horses with Jenny and Ava

The pretty horses.
A huge tractor with Ava and myself

There were swimming pools filled with corn. Ava could have spent hours in there if we would have let her. I actually think she may have played in there for 45 minutes.
Ava burying her leg in the corn!

It was a great day. We followed it up with going to Target, Craft Warehouse and Wal Mart! Oh and Starbucks on the way home! What a great day!

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