Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Diego!

Dennis and I went to San Diego for a long weekend over the 4th of July. We flew down on Wednesday night and back on Monday. We had such a wonderful time visiting Nate and Emily and seeing some of the sights in San Diego. We are definitely wanting to visit them again. They are renting a very nice home that is on an acre. Nate has a couple of garden spots, a man cave, and an awesome large back patio/deck. If your journeys take you to San Diego - look them up, I'm sure they'd love to take you to Seaport Village, D.Z. Akins or La Jolla beach. We went to the San Diego County fair. I had the opportunity to eat deep fried kool aid but it just didn't quite sound appealing. Dennis and I did get to ride an elephant! This may not mean that much to my readers - but elephants are my absolute favorite animal. I have many elephants in my home and have studied about them and even read novels about them. (Modoc by Ralph Helfer is an amazing true story about an elephant). The next day we went to La Jolla beach. It was a lot of fun splashing around in the water - and I got my first ever jelly fish sting! It did sting but not too bad thankfully. Sunday evening we went to Seaport Village for some shopping and dinner. We had a wonderful time and a huge thanks goes to N&E for putting up with us! :)

Palm trees in their back yard
Strawberry plants
Another palm tree
Their small fountain

Nate and Dennis at the fair
Dennis and I riding an elephant! Notice the HUGE smile on my face?

Now Dennis' turn to look at the camera and smile
Nate and I leaving the fair

The group of us at the fair. We had such a great day!

Heading to the beach - notice the surf board inside the car?
Nate's sand chair!
It was super crowded that day

Soooo many people!
Dennis and I!

Their living room
Bruce and BlackJack's (their cats) perch that Nate made

Large kitchen
Awesome back deck/patio! Thats where we ate all our meals!

A small patio area - really nice

The front of their house. Our bedroom was on the left of this picture
Nate's Man Cave!
The view from their property



We were invited to go camping by some of Dennis' cousins. We were there for 2 nights over a weekend. Whenever I have the opportunity to go camping and it's just for a weekend, it never seems long enough. I have extremely fond memories of my mom and aunt taking us kids camping for a whole week in the summer time. We would anticipate our journey, our time there and even have to take a seat out of the van to accommodate all of our camping gear. We got dirty, dusty, sunburnt, smelled like campfire smoke, rode in paddle boats ... such wonderful memories. Since reaching adulthood I haven't taken the opportunity to camp for one whole week. It is on my list and possibly one summer in my future I can do just that. We did have a wonderful time camping for this weekend! We went to Ft. Stevens State Park in Astoria, OR. We went to shipwreck beach and Dennis dove into the ocean water. It was super cold so my feet were the only part of me to get wet. We're looking forward to camping again - maybe sometime this summer or next summer even! If you like camping, let us know we could get a group to camp together! ;)

Mary brought part of her stamp collection. She and her niece spent some time stamping and coloring.

Campfire coffee. Probably the best beverage there! Dennis made it for me and it was super tasty!
Another shot of the campfire coffee with the fire going.

Not many pictures were taken but that's because we were having such a great time there wasn't time to take pictures! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Parma convention

We had the privilege of going to Parma for the weekend again this year. Neither of us took too many photos while there but we did capture some pics of sweet Ava! Ava sat with us for a couple of meetings and was so quiet. I was super impressed for an almost 2 year old how well she was/is behaved. Oh and on our way there, the moon was so spectacular that we had to stop and take pictures of it. Of course the pictures weren't even close to what the real moon looked like that evening. Jenny and Ava rode home with us and that was a lot of fun.

The moon with a train going by - it was super noisy but also an awesome sight!

Ava with my polk a dot umbrella
Again, Ava playing with my umbrella

Spinning with my umbrella - she is so adorable!
Eating goldfish crackers in our tent!

A close up of her eating goldfish crackers in our tent!

Thanks again for coming home with us J&A! And, thanks for washing our pickup - that was a treat! :) Looking forward to next time or next year! ;)

Some sewing projects

Recently I have been wanting to work on some sewing projects. I thought that I'd try to make skirts for Rowena, Mari and Katelynn before Devon convention this year. Instead of doing just the Oliver + S lazy days skirt pattern I decided to do that pattern with some additions. I found some matching material and made some skirts that have panels. They turned out so super cute. Then I thought about adding ruffles and bows to some skirts and I love the way the pink skirts turned out! Maybe I should start taking orders? :) Naw, not sure that I could sew little girl skirts and sell them - I think that would take the fun all out of it.

Purple and green panel skirts. Super easy to make and really cute too.

These skirts are my favorite. Lazy days skirt pattern on the top and ruffle sewn onto the bottom. The ruffle is 2 times the width of the bottom of the skirt. It was also my first time attempting anything with a ruffle!
The ruffle skirts hanging up
Rowena's ruffle skirt - her's has the pink bow!

Mari's skirt - with the purple bow
Katelynn's skirt with the yellow bow!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend in Boise

We went to Boise over Memorial Day weekend. We had a wonderful time. We arrived really early Saturday morning. Later that morning, Jenny, Dennis and I met Lenora, Jon and Tamara at the Saturday Market, Jenny. Jon and Tamara know where all the good food sample booths are! If you are ever hungry on a Saturday morning and in Boise, just ask J&T to take you to the Saturday market! :) Later Saturday afternoon, Dennis, Lloyd and Jon went shooting, while Jenny, Tamara and I went shopping. Sunday we went to meeting and then we all went shooting. All of us include: Lloyd, Jenny, Eric, Lenora, Jon, Tamara, Dennis and I. So, of course there will be some shooting pictures attached to this post! We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to our next time over there to see family.

Dennis and Lloyd cleaning their guns
Jon and Tamara

Gathering around the computer watching Grandpaw's toot toot. Dennis' grandpa made a steam engine train and drove it in Shelby, MT. Seriously! Youtube it! :)
Tamara playing with or looking at a gun! (In fact, that's my gun that she and Jon are looking at)
Tamara checking for bullets in the gun (I think) :)

Jenny shooting
Jon teaching Tamara how to shoot
Tamara shooting a big gun! :)

Setting up our guns, getting ear plugs put in, etc

Dennis shooting a rifle (black powdered, I think)
Dennis shooting a pistol
Eric shooting a rifle
Lenora shooting a pistol (black powdered I think)
Dennis shooting with his AR-15 (again, I think)

So, as you can see, unfortunately most of my pictures from this trip include guns, shooting, etc ... Maybe next trip over there there'll be pictures of beautiful scenery, friends. We did have a wonderful weekend (in spite of all the guns and loud bangs).