Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We were invited to go camping by some of Dennis' cousins. We were there for 2 nights over a weekend. Whenever I have the opportunity to go camping and it's just for a weekend, it never seems long enough. I have extremely fond memories of my mom and aunt taking us kids camping for a whole week in the summer time. We would anticipate our journey, our time there and even have to take a seat out of the van to accommodate all of our camping gear. We got dirty, dusty, sunburnt, smelled like campfire smoke, rode in paddle boats ... such wonderful memories. Since reaching adulthood I haven't taken the opportunity to camp for one whole week. It is on my list and possibly one summer in my future I can do just that. We did have a wonderful time camping for this weekend! We went to Ft. Stevens State Park in Astoria, OR. We went to shipwreck beach and Dennis dove into the ocean water. It was super cold so my feet were the only part of me to get wet. We're looking forward to camping again - maybe sometime this summer or next summer even! If you like camping, let us know we could get a group to camp together! ;)

Mary brought part of her stamp collection. She and her niece spent some time stamping and coloring.

Campfire coffee. Probably the best beverage there! Dennis made it for me and it was super tasty!
Another shot of the campfire coffee with the fire going.

Not many pictures were taken but that's because we were having such a great time there wasn't time to take pictures! :)

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