Monday, July 18, 2011

Parma convention

We had the privilege of going to Parma for the weekend again this year. Neither of us took too many photos while there but we did capture some pics of sweet Ava! Ava sat with us for a couple of meetings and was so quiet. I was super impressed for an almost 2 year old how well she was/is behaved. Oh and on our way there, the moon was so spectacular that we had to stop and take pictures of it. Of course the pictures weren't even close to what the real moon looked like that evening. Jenny and Ava rode home with us and that was a lot of fun.

The moon with a train going by - it was super noisy but also an awesome sight!

Ava with my polk a dot umbrella
Again, Ava playing with my umbrella

Spinning with my umbrella - she is so adorable!
Eating goldfish crackers in our tent!

A close up of her eating goldfish crackers in our tent!

Thanks again for coming home with us J&A! And, thanks for washing our pickup - that was a treat! :) Looking forward to next time or next year! ;)

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