Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Diego!

Dennis and I went to San Diego for a long weekend over the 4th of July. We flew down on Wednesday night and back on Monday. We had such a wonderful time visiting Nate and Emily and seeing some of the sights in San Diego. We are definitely wanting to visit them again. They are renting a very nice home that is on an acre. Nate has a couple of garden spots, a man cave, and an awesome large back patio/deck. If your journeys take you to San Diego - look them up, I'm sure they'd love to take you to Seaport Village, D.Z. Akins or La Jolla beach. We went to the San Diego County fair. I had the opportunity to eat deep fried kool aid but it just didn't quite sound appealing. Dennis and I did get to ride an elephant! This may not mean that much to my readers - but elephants are my absolute favorite animal. I have many elephants in my home and have studied about them and even read novels about them. (Modoc by Ralph Helfer is an amazing true story about an elephant). The next day we went to La Jolla beach. It was a lot of fun splashing around in the water - and I got my first ever jelly fish sting! It did sting but not too bad thankfully. Sunday evening we went to Seaport Village for some shopping and dinner. We had a wonderful time and a huge thanks goes to N&E for putting up with us! :)

Palm trees in their back yard
Strawberry plants
Another palm tree
Their small fountain

Nate and Dennis at the fair
Dennis and I riding an elephant! Notice the HUGE smile on my face?

Now Dennis' turn to look at the camera and smile
Nate and I leaving the fair

The group of us at the fair. We had such a great day!

Heading to the beach - notice the surf board inside the car?
Nate's sand chair!
It was super crowded that day

Soooo many people!
Dennis and I!

Their living room
Bruce and BlackJack's (their cats) perch that Nate made

Large kitchen
Awesome back deck/patio! Thats where we ate all our meals!

A small patio area - really nice

The front of their house. Our bedroom was on the left of this picture
Nate's Man Cave!
The view from their property


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  1. Looks like tons of fun. I have very fond memories of my childhood years in San Diego.... I'd love to go back & will look up Nate & Emily when I do.