Monday, July 18, 2011

Some sewing projects

Recently I have been wanting to work on some sewing projects. I thought that I'd try to make skirts for Rowena, Mari and Katelynn before Devon convention this year. Instead of doing just the Oliver + S lazy days skirt pattern I decided to do that pattern with some additions. I found some matching material and made some skirts that have panels. They turned out so super cute. Then I thought about adding ruffles and bows to some skirts and I love the way the pink skirts turned out! Maybe I should start taking orders? :) Naw, not sure that I could sew little girl skirts and sell them - I think that would take the fun all out of it.

Purple and green panel skirts. Super easy to make and really cute too.

These skirts are my favorite. Lazy days skirt pattern on the top and ruffle sewn onto the bottom. The ruffle is 2 times the width of the bottom of the skirt. It was also my first time attempting anything with a ruffle!
The ruffle skirts hanging up
Rowena's ruffle skirt - her's has the pink bow!

Mari's skirt - with the purple bow
Katelynn's skirt with the yellow bow!

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