Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend in Boise

We went to Boise over Memorial Day weekend. We had a wonderful time. We arrived really early Saturday morning. Later that morning, Jenny, Dennis and I met Lenora, Jon and Tamara at the Saturday Market, Jenny. Jon and Tamara know where all the good food sample booths are! If you are ever hungry on a Saturday morning and in Boise, just ask J&T to take you to the Saturday market! :) Later Saturday afternoon, Dennis, Lloyd and Jon went shooting, while Jenny, Tamara and I went shopping. Sunday we went to meeting and then we all went shooting. All of us include: Lloyd, Jenny, Eric, Lenora, Jon, Tamara, Dennis and I. So, of course there will be some shooting pictures attached to this post! We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to our next time over there to see family.

Dennis and Lloyd cleaning their guns
Jon and Tamara

Gathering around the computer watching Grandpaw's toot toot. Dennis' grandpa made a steam engine train and drove it in Shelby, MT. Seriously! Youtube it! :)
Tamara playing with or looking at a gun! (In fact, that's my gun that she and Jon are looking at)
Tamara checking for bullets in the gun (I think) :)

Jenny shooting
Jon teaching Tamara how to shoot
Tamara shooting a big gun! :)

Setting up our guns, getting ear plugs put in, etc

Dennis shooting a rifle (black powdered, I think)
Dennis shooting a pistol
Eric shooting a rifle
Lenora shooting a pistol (black powdered I think)
Dennis shooting with his AR-15 (again, I think)

So, as you can see, unfortunately most of my pictures from this trip include guns, shooting, etc ... Maybe next trip over there there'll be pictures of beautiful scenery, friends. We did have a wonderful weekend (in spite of all the guns and loud bangs).