Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Potluck at the Benjamins!

Dennis and I have been talking about having a potluck at our house for a couple of years now and finally made it a reality this summer. We had it on Sunday after morning meeting. Mom and Dad Smith came for the weekend too - and it was really nice to have them join us - and they both did an amazing job helping us clean, cook and all the really nice things that parents do to help their kids. The weather - not so much in our favor! We had 23 people over on the only Sunday in July when it rained! So we had tables and chairs set up outside under our awning! During the potluck I loaned my camera to 4 boys - ages 13, 10, 8 and 5 ... so most of these pictures are through the eyes of kids! Don, Jenny and Ava stayed into the evening and we had a very nice time with them, as always!

Notice the elephant candle and elephant salt and pepper shakers? I do really like elephants! :)

Our awning actually broke in the out position - the men discussing it - I think! :)
People gathered around
Stacie, Carson and Carrie

Brandon beating up brother Colby

Me holding Ava and standing around talking
Anita and Carrie
Anita, Judy and Nancy

Carson making the ladies laugh

Ava cozying up with Dennis
Beautiful Ava
Ava and I

Ava helping Dennis wash the dishes! (or rather she played in the water while he washed the dishes