Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ava's 2nd birthday party!

It is really hard to believe that Ava is 2 already - but in many ways she seems way older than 2. She is extremely smart and I think the biggest reason is that her mom is so completely patient with her in teaching her things. Ava's vocabulary is larger than any 2 year old that I've known before now - and it seems like she is playing like a 3-4 year old would play. It has sure been a treat for us watching her grow up these last couple of years!

Maybe playing pat-a-cake?

Sweet Ava!

Eating her birthday supper!

 Dennis and Don!

Emily giving Ava a birthday hug!

Ava was talking up a storm to Uncle Steve

Happy 2nd birthday Ava!

Mmmmmmm, chocolate cake? :)

She sure enjoyed eating it. The rest of us enjoyed it too - Jenny makes a mean chocolate cake! 

Cherly got Ava the cutest owl backpack! Ava wearing her new backpack

Jenny did an incredible job on making Ava a play kitchen! She took some old cupboards and completely transformed them. Ava got quite a few play dishes and food for her birthday!

Ava wearing her pretty pink dress from her grandma and making me some 'macaroni & cheese' in her new play kitchen!

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