Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday present for Jenny

It's so hard figure out what to get for someone who is so extremely talented and can sew and create way better than I can. So as Jenny's birthday was approaching I was trying to figure out what to get/make for her. Luckily we took a trip together to Ikea and she showed me a pillow that she's wanted for the past couple of years. I went back later and bought that pillow and then took it to JoAnn Fabrics and match up the colors with another pillow that I had planned to make for her. This pillow was super easy to make and I'd like to make some more - possibly for me - or for more gifts. Here are some of the progress pictures and the finished picture!

Cotton material and lots of 1/2 circles cut out of felt

Then 1/2 circles sewn onto cotton in a circle

Some of the petals bunched up to give the flower volume

 The finished project with matching pillows from Ikea! 

The back of the pillow is like a pillow sham - super duper easy to make!

Another close up of the front of the pillow!

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