Sunday, September 18, 2011


We had a wonderful convention. Quite a few of Dennis' relatives came so he sent up a total of 4 tents for everyone to stay in - close to us. We had lots of chairs around our tents and many fun visits and laughs too. We shared some great days together!

Trek giving Ava a hug!

Ava lounging on Dennis' lap

Love the smile on both of their faces

 Ava trying to reach the trail mix bag

Looking super cute in a big camp chair


Lloyd (Dennis' dad)

Lloyd showing Dennis his nickel plated copper - Lloyd's latest project!

Cousin Kirstyn


 Ava drinking her frappuccino - she would say "Jen dontcha want a frappuccino?" So, I'd get one and share it with her! :) Another reason she's super smart - she already loves coffee! :)

Marvin, Jerry & Lloyd - 3 brothers!

Rick, Marvin, Jerry, Lloyd, Jenny and Dennis (I was working in the cookie department when this photo was taken)

Dennis and Ava in a tent!

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