Saturday, September 24, 2011

From Omak, WA to Glacier, MT - day 2

On day 2 we drove from Omak to Glacier. We had another really nice, good and fun day of driving. Today we saw the dryness of NE Washington and then back into greenness of MT. We were in a little more of a hurry this day when we realized that we needed to get to our cabin by 8 pm. We stopped for lunch at the Crossroads Cafe somewhere between Tiger and Cusick, WA. Our food was really tasty. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of our lunch stop. We did make it in time - and with no tickets - although a police officer going the opposite direction hand motioned for us to slow down! :) We arrived into Glacier just as the sun was setting and got some really pretty pictures of Lake MacDonald. If you have never been to Glacier, I'd encourage you to go - it is amazingly beautiful!

The hotel we stayed in Monday night - Stampede Inn! 

Pretty green grass and a river

The colors were amazing this day

A cafe and store in the middle of no where!

Republic, Wa. We didn't stop and look around but it sure was a cute town.

Downtown Republic

The only accident we witnessed on our journey

Our elevation

Pretty blue water

Welcome to Kettle FAlls - 1640 nice people and 1 grouch! (We actually turned around to take this picture)

Colville - I spent a year in this area. I still remembered where some people lived and was wishing that we could spend more time there - but we had to keep going.

Gorgeous water

I think we were in MT at this point

More pretty water

A buffalo in a box. Dennis remembers this being here from when he grew up in Kalispell, MT.

Yippee! We made it - Glacier National Park!

Pretty West Glacier sign!

Lake MacDonald at sunset with boats.

Lake MacDonald.

Us at Lake MacDonald - tired from traveling all day - yet extremely happy to finally be in Glacier

Our cabin!

Our bed in the living room area

Dennis on the couch! 


Another kitchen shot

Living area - dining table and our bed

The 2nd bedroom - we could have fit at least 4 more people in this cabin. I think the couch folded out into a bed too. Any takers for joining us next year?

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