Saturday, October 8, 2011

Glacier Day 1

We had a wonderful time in Glacier. It wasn't nearly long enough and we are definitely planning on returning again someday - maybe next summer! We woke up Wednesday morning, fixed breakfast in our cabin and then headed out on Going-To-The-Sun road. We stopped several times along with way to marvel at the beauty. When we got to the top of Logan Pass it was super foggy and 43 degrees! The weather wasn't supposed to clear up for a couple of days. So we headed back down the mountain and hiked the Trail of the Cedars and then to Avalanche Lake. It was a gorgeous day and so much fun! 

Heading on Going-to-the-Sun Road - West Glacier

Just somewhere we stopped. Took advantage of our automatic camera - it really came in handy this trip! :)

Us again 

A tunnel we went through on the road

See these motorcycles - they pulled over at this scenic place

Now see the same motorcycles but from a different view?

Us at a pull out

Notice how curvy the road is? This road isn't for the weak hearted or those afraid of heights

Dennis remembers this waterfall from childhood and had nightmares about it right before our trip. He thinks this is the waterfall that his mom filled up her water bottle from one time and slipped. She caught herself just before the sheer drop off. No wonder the poor guy has had nightmares about it!

My handsome husband! 

Us again!

It was such a gorgeous day

A cool waterfall

Another cool waterfall!

The architecture of the road is amazing!

A field of pretty wildflowers at Logan Pass

We made it! Notice the fog? We thought that we could wait the fog out - but were told this weather was going to stick around for a couple of days, even with a chance of snow

Heading back down - just pretty scenery

More pretty scenery - the colors were amazing

Yes! We saw a bear! I was so super duper uper excited! We were in our pickup and it was on the other side of the road, so we were safe! 

I was so happy that we saw a bear! We wanted to get out of the pickup to play with him but decided that we'd better stay inside! :)

So pretty!

This water was super clear

And turquoise in color

Looking up at the cedars - on the Trail of the Cedars

Me testing the camera for an automatic pic later of us that didn't turn out - unfortunately

This was amazing how the water was coming down these rocks! 

Us again!

Avalanche Lake - when we got there it started raining! It rained for probably 10 minutes then let up

Avalanche Lake

Can you spot the 3 waterfalls that come into Avalanche Lake?

Us again - at Avalanche Lake

Raindrops on the lake

Want to come sit on this log for a while and just ponder life?

We were trying to use the rain guard but I like how this picture turned out

It was so peaceful at the lake - so beautiful, quiet and nice to be there with my love

Us sitting on a rock (eating our lunch too)

We had such a wonderful day - I really enjoy spending time with Dennis

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