Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Glacier, Kalispell and Shelby

On Thursday morning after eating huckleberry desserts we headed away from Glacier (sad day) and went down to Kalispell where Dennis grew up. He showed me all around - the house he lived in, the lake he swam in, the elementary school he went to, where his best friend lived - it was fun watching him reminisce. (We didn't take any pictures of these things, though). Then after our looking around Kalispell we drove right past the entrance of West Glacier on Hwy 2 and headed to Shelby. Our first stop in Shelby was to Grandpa and Grandma Benjamin's for supper. Grandpa showed us a replica of a steam engine. It's made from a swather engine (that is info from Dennis). I'll add a link to a youtube video of Grandpa driving it in downtown Shelby! Grandma put a feast on the table and we really enjoyed our time with them. Then we headed to Dale and Kari's for the night and to see those adorable girls that we miss dearly! Here are the pictures that we captured of our day:

A squirrel that we were giving some peanuts too! It was really fun to watch this critter

Lake McDonald with clouds. Quite different than the evening we arrived there.

A Hungry Horse in Hungry Horse, MT 

We stopped by this place about 3 to fill our water bottles with spring water! The water tasted amazing!

There was this sign close to the pipe, though! 

Is this store open or closed? We found out that it was open and the owner was extremely friendly. There was also some really tasty huckleberry candy there!

On Hwy 2 headed east to Shelby

The wildlife we saw on our journey

Grandpa in his shop with his steam engine

The view from the front

It actually blows smoke ring

See the smoke ring rises? :)

And the things on the tires (maybe someone can help me with the word) actually move too!

See, they're in a different position now! :)

Grandpa turning the wheel - this is where he sits when he drives the train!

Auntie Joyce, me, Dennis, Grandpa and Grandma with full bellies and warm hearts

Dennis and his grandpa. See any resemblance? 

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