Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shelby Day 1

Our first day in Shelby consisted of Dennis helping Dale on the farm and Kari, the girls and I meeting more ladies and kids to have a picnic. We walked to the picnic spot, maybe 1/2 mile in the cold wind! Luckily when we got to the picnic area there was a 3 sided shelter built around a picnic table and that's where we happily ate our lunch! After the picnic we got some coffee in town and then stopped by Aunt Jewel's house and hung out for a while. It was a great day. (I think Dennis had fun too ... ) 

Mari holding Snap Dragon!

Rowena holding/hugging Mouse Trap

Starting on our walk - heading for the picnic. I held Katelynn most of the way - #1 reason for baby snuggles #2 reason it completely kept me warmer! :) 

Can you see how stormy and windy it was this day?

Ah, in the shelter at last - one side of the table. Brenda, Eric, Ivan, Kari and Isaac

And the other side - Mari, me, Katelynn, Rowena, Hannah and Alexis

Rowena riding a deer (this picnic place was also a bow and arrow club practice place!

The whole gang - I think the camera moved when I tried to set the auto feature. Anyway - Kari, Rowena, me, Hannah, Alexis, Jewel, Mari, Eric, Isaac and Brenda. Ivan ran off - too many pictures drives 4 year old boys to do crazy things - like run away from pictures! :)

Mari playing at Aunt Jewel's house - Kevin and Alexis in the background

Rowena playing at Aunt Jewel's house

Hannah holding Katelynn

Me holding Katelynn. LOVE her smile!

The view from Cliff and Jewel's house - so peaceful!

Another picture from Cliff and Jewel's house 

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