Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shelby Day 3

We were sad that this was to be our last day in Shelby. But we really enjoyed our visit again - even though this time was quite a bit shorter than the previous visits. This day being Sunday, we loaded up all our stuff and headed to meeting. Meeting was special, it was all family. After meeting there was a potluck which of course we stayed for. The surprise birthday party that I had planned for Dennis didn't quite work out the way I thought it would - but that's okay! 

I was extremely happy to be on 'hair duty' this morning! French braids for the older girls!

Even Mari has french braids. I think Rowena's hair was this length when I first put french braids in her hair

Dale, Kari, Rowena, Mari and Katelynn - a gorgeous family!

Rick and Julia (at Cliff and Jewel's cabin)

Rick and Julia again

The kids table - Mari, Lonnie, Rowena, Ian and Ivan

Dennis as we were singing Happy Birthday

Roy and baby Joe

Lonnie and Joe

Rick and Mari - both have such beautiful blue eyes!

We had a wonderful time here. We left around 2 and then headed back towards Glacier. Pictures of Glacier to come shortly. Thanks to all who saw us and put up with yet another visit of ours to the Shelby area!

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