Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Glacier again!

Because it was foggy on Wednesday while we were in Glacier, we decided to go back through on our way home. It was slightly out of the way - but not too bad. So, Sunday after meeting and the potluck we headed out for Glacier. The drive was beautiful and so was Glacier. We were wishing that we had another week off work to spend there. We entered Glacier through the East entrance and drove  on Going-to-the-Sun Road again. Next time we are in Glacier we hope to go to Many Glacier - we've heard it's gorgeous! Once we arrived to Logan Pass we hiked about 2 miles in to Hidden Lake and saw some mountain goats! I think that was the highlight of this time in Glacier for me. I was thankful that Dennis was driving because it was starting to get dark as we descended that windy, narrow road! After our stop in Glacier, we drove until 2 am, where we stopped for a hotel. It was an amazing day!

Entering Glacier again - only through the East side this time

Glacier Park Lodge - looked gorgeous

Water and this side of Glacier's vegetation was drier than West Glacier

Dry side of Glacier

Sad to see the effects a forest fire had on Glacier

The Welcome sign! 

Pretty mountains and water

Pretty mountains, water with the moon

It's starting to get greener - lovely sunny day!

More mountains and trees

This is at Logan Pass

Us near the interpretation center at Logan Pass

Can you find the marmot?

The mountain goat that we saw! I think he liked all the pictures that were being taken of him!

Another shot of the mountain goat

A close up of his cute face. I'm glad that his cute face didn't come close to me, though ... :)

Another mountain goat quite a ways down from where we were standing

Us with the mountain goat behind us

Us at Hidden Lake

Sitting in wildflowers

My handsome husband

Pretty wildflowers and mountains

Mountain with moon

We were there at sunset and the colors were gorgeous!

Another picture of us by the Logan Pass sign - not foggy this time (but getting dark)