Thursday, April 26, 2012

Horizon interview update :(

Well, I didn't get hired today to become a Flight Attendant with HorizonAir. I made it past the group interview - where I had to get up in front of 16 people and answer a question from off a card in front of everyone. The question went something like: Describe a situation when you were asked to do something last minute and you got it done quickly. Anyway, I can apply for this position in 6 months from now. 
I'm not sure that the timing of this job would have been the best for us, anyway. The class start date is May 21st and we're supposed to get the keys to our house May 15th. The class schedule is 8-5 M-F with 2-4 hours of homework/studying per night. I am not sure that moving into a new house during that time frame would have been the best thing 
So, I will continue my job search for around the Portland area and hopefully find something that will allow me to be home every night with my sweet husband and 2 furry sometimes cuddly kitties. 
There's my update from today! :(

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Palm Springs Trip

Dennis and I went to Palm Springs for our anniversary trip this year. We had been planning on going to Hawaii - but I couldn't get the time off work, got laid off and we had already purchased our tickets to PSP. We had planned on being there from Wednesday morning - Sunday afternoon. Well, Thursday we seriously started thinking about extending our trip and on Friday we made all the arrangements and extended until the next Friday! We had an amazing time. We stayed at the Del Marcos Hotel - which came highly recommended by brother Nate. This hotel was built in 1947 and the decor in the rooms were from that era. They are really big into modernism and apparently it was modernism week the week we were there. So many people were in town for the 'modernism tours, etc.' I didn't know that it was such a big thing. Here's a timeline of our week (if timelines bore you, just scroll to the pictures below) ... :) 

Tuesday night we flew into Seattle to overnight and leave early the next morning.

Wednesday up at 4 leaving Seattle and flying into Palm Springs. We got our rental car and drove around for a little bit. First thing is we found an In-N-Out burger and stuffed our faces. We then called to find out where the meetings would be for Wednesday and Sunday and drove by the locations to make sure we knew where to go later. We then went to our hotel and were able to get into our room early. Our first room was the Esquivel room. It was a deluxe room with a fridge, microwave and toaster. It was a poolside room with a private patio on the other side of the room. We left later that evening, found an authentic Mexican restaurant and drove back to where meeting was for that night.

Thursday we just lounged around the pool. We ate breakfast at the hotel and lunch there too. We went out to supper at Woody's Burgers. It was so tasty. After supper we walked to the downtown Palm Springs market. It was such a fun thing to do - so warm outside and felt festive. 

Friday our 5th wedding anniversary. There was some celebration that day at the hotel, dedicating a room to Donald Wexler and architect in his 90's. He didn't have anything to do with the design of the Del Marcos Hotel but was an architect in the era that the hotel was built. They brought in a taco cart and had assorted beverages and desserts too. We filled up on tacos and also lounged by the pool (although with lots of people walking by and a news person coming to film, it wasn't the most relaxing to just lounge. Later that evening we went to the Crab Pot for our anniversary dinner. I had lobster - and it was yummy! When we got back to our hotel we watched our wedding video and so many memories came over us! This year we commented on how young we looked back then ... we've aged in only 5 years! :)

Saturday more lounging by the pool. There were some things around town that I wanted to do but we didn't do them - just loved our time relaxing. We ate at Woody's again this night. If you ever visit Palm Springs - Woody's is a must!

Sunday we packed up our stuff and moved it into our next room. We were to be in Hope & Crosby room for the next 2 nights. It wasn't pool side, was upstairs and had a view of the beautiful San Jacinto mountains. This room was a standard room but still had a small fridge. The decor was different in this room but still amazing. After our stuff was moved upstairs we headed out to meeting. We got back to the hotel and Dennis started not feeling too well. I changed again into my swimsuit and laid outside and he was in bed, with a fever. I went out to Wal Mart this evening to get him some gatorade and other snacks that sounded good to him. I think it rained this night - so strange to have it raining in Palm Springs! And, it was cold like in the mid 60's. 

Monday Dennis was still sick. Stomach flu like symptoms and still had a fever. That meant more pool time for me, but poor Dennis. I felt so bad for him not feeling well. He needed to stay near a bathroom. He thought that maybe he swallowed too much saltwater (the pool is a saltwater pool). I hadn't brought any peppermint or Di-Gize oil and I know I wont ever travel away from home without those 2 oils again.

Tuesday we moved to another room. This time we were in the Stewart William room. We were right next to our first room. Dennis was still sick and after we both had talked to our moms they suggested that he go see a doctor. Well, with Kaiser insurance if you're out of Oregon - you have to go to an emergency room. Our visit there was a joke and they gave Dennis an IV with pain killers (even though he wasn't in pain) and stuff to rehydrate him. So that took about 3 hours out of our day. After I got him back to the hotel, I went back to Woody's to get another yummy burger.

Wednesday the first day that Dennis was feeling half human. We walked to downtown - which was so close to where our hotel was. We stopped by a coffee shop that Nate recommended and I had some coffee. It was really yummy. We also had a date shake! It. Was. So. Good. In fact, I'm craving one right now. We went to meeting again this night and it was fun seeing the some friends again.

Thursday we walked to downtown again and of course went to the coffee shop again. We just sat and enjoyed the warm sunshine and the lively downtown activities. We headed to the market for supper. We ended up stopping to watch this amazing guy paint pictures using spray paint. We bought one - it's beautiful!

Friday our last day. We packed up our things, and went hiking. Thank goodness Dennis was feeling better. I discovered that I have shaky legs when I go hiking - maybe I need to exercise them more? We had some gorgeous views and took some really fun pictures too. We then changed our clothes and went to In-N-Out Burger one last time and headed back to the airport to come home. 

It was so good to get home and see our kitties but was so nice to be in Palm Springs. It was cold at home - took me a week or so to adjust. 

Us out front of the Del Marcos Hotel

Dennis in our hotel in Seattle

The pool of our hotel (the view from our room)

Isn't he cute?

Gorgeous Palm Springs sunset

At the market - this was really cool. Safe decorative fire for outside. Dennis wants to make one

The view from the other side of the pool - looking towards our room

The sign in front of the hotel

The front of the hotel

The awesome pearlized tile in our bathroom of the Esquivel room

The Esquivel room

The Modernism bus that we saw!

The palm trees are so pretty

Mountains in the distance

Hope & Crosby room

The bed in Hope & Crosby room

Bathroom of Hope & Crosby

The cute table and chairs

On the outside patio

The view from the room

The artwork in the room

The gorgeous hills

Another view of the mountains

And another 

The patio off Esquivel room 

Us on the deck of Hope & Crosby

Another one of us on the deck

William Stewart room

The fridge was in that small cabinet under the tv

The cute leather chair in this room

The bathroom was huge!

Another view of the bathroom

William Stewart room again

Looking towards the lobby of the hotel

The bikes that were available to use - although we never did take them out

Looking away from the lobby of the hotel

Reflections of trees and pool chairs in water

The bottom picture is the one we purchased - made from spray paint

This Saguaro hotel is awesome with bright colors. Julia Benjamin - you MUST stay at this hotel sometime - it totally looks like something you'd enjoy!

Inside the lobby of the colorful hotel 

Another view of the lobby 

An outside image of the hotel

On our hike - notice the golf course?


See our hotel? It's right behind the church steeple with the cross on it

Us at the point where we stopped and started back down the mountain

Dennis with my latte and his gelato

The Palm Springs airport is an outside airport! Such fun!

My handsome husband. I love him so much! Love what 5 years has taught us and love the friends that we've become!

Me being silly going down slides! (notice how tan I am)?