Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cheap Latte's

Thanks to my good friend Don I am now a proud owner of a latte machine! He found one at the Goodwill that wasn't working, brought it home, fixed it and gave it to me! I think he was also wanting to help us save some money so I would make lattes at home instead of going out for them. Lattes are really expensive! I think a lavender latte from Symposium costs $4.25 or more! This past weekend we went to Seattle for my grandpa's 80th birthday (I'll post about that soon) and brought my espresso machine! I made my brothers lattes and Nate complimented his so much that he said the next time he was in Seattle in the hotel room where our parents had stayed the night before he would take another latte from me. Uh, not likely - I sure hope that he did like it and wasn't just saying that he did to make me feel good! :) ha ha ha. Anyway here is a picture of the beautiful thing! Thanks again, Don!

And of course I had to photo the gorgeous mugs that Jon & Tamara got me for my birthday! Love them (the mugs and J&T too) :)

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