Thursday, April 26, 2012

Horizon interview update :(

Well, I didn't get hired today to become a Flight Attendant with HorizonAir. I made it past the group interview - where I had to get up in front of 16 people and answer a question from off a card in front of everyone. The question went something like: Describe a situation when you were asked to do something last minute and you got it done quickly. Anyway, I can apply for this position in 6 months from now. 
I'm not sure that the timing of this job would have been the best for us, anyway. The class start date is May 21st and we're supposed to get the keys to our house May 15th. The class schedule is 8-5 M-F with 2-4 hours of homework/studying per night. I am not sure that moving into a new house during that time frame would have been the best thing 
So, I will continue my job search for around the Portland area and hopefully find something that will allow me to be home every night with my sweet husband and 2 furry sometimes cuddly kitties. 
There's my update from today! :(

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