Saturday, April 14, 2012

Recent thoughts and happenings

It seems that there has been so much happening in our lives recently that I haven't had time to update our blog. Or rather, it is more like I haven't been wanting to update our blog. Since December 15th when I got laid off, I thought that I would have all sorts of time (which I have had) and would spend the time updating said blog. However - that hasn't happened. So - this is a quick post with words only - no pictures - about recent happenings and thoughts.

We went to the zoo today with about 11,000 other people. It was Packy's 50 birthday. Packy was the first elephant born in the US in 44 years. Asian elephants usually live to be 44 years old (in captivity) but Packy is now 50. I want a baby elephant! I love elephants. They are so smart, cute, and since gas prices are so high, I would ride mine to work every day (when I get another job). Maybe Dennis will get me one for my birthday! :)

We put an offer on a house. It happened really quick - almost too quick it seems. When the house is actually ours, I will put all the details about the house, the process, the timeline and of course pictures. We are officially in the waiting period right now, which is hard. We hope to hear something this week about the appraisal and then we'll be a little more at ease that the house is ours - but we'll see - anything can happen. Right now, I am in the purging process of things in our house hoping to not move as much stuff into our new place. I haven't even started packing yet.

I have an interview in 2 weeks with Horizon Air as a flight attendant. I would love to work for an airline again and I think being a flight attendant would be fun for a while. I'm not sure that I could do it forever - not sure that I would like being away from home in the evenings. How cool would it be though, that when we have kids and I still worked for an airline that we could fly places for free? I've always said that I don't want to work when we have kids - but working for an airline to get free tickets might just be worth working a couple of days a week. But, I do have to get the job first (although I am planning on it).

Next weekend I get to see a lot of family on both sides and I AM REALLY EXCITED. It is so sad to me how busy everyone's lives seem to be and how much life has changed even from when I was a kid. Has life really changed or is it my generation that's changed? It seems that we want everything RIGHT NOW and can't wait for anything. Technology has made things easier - or has it? Email and cell phones (both calling and texting) has replaced the old-fashioned-pick-up-a-pen-and-write-a-letter-to-send-in-the-mail. And it has lost the personal touch. My mom has told me that her mom called her mom every Saturday morning (is that when it was)? to talk. Money was tight and my grandma looked forward to her weekly visit with her mom. Today - when I want to ask my mom a question or share an idea I just pick up the phone, talk for 2-3 minutes and then hang up. Back to family... Families are amazing. I have amazing families. I don't let them know often enough how amazing they are. Families stick together. Families love each other. Families stick up for each other. I have such wonderful memories of playing with my cousins - cousins whom I hardly see now or even talk to now. Could that change? What are your thoughts?

This last one is really hard for me to write ... my best friend and her sweet family are moving far far away from me. 2,334 miles away to be exact. They are moving to Texas for her husbands work. They sold their house and we helped them load their moving trailer on Wednesday. Then they came and spent Wednesday night at our house. Of course after going to Jem100 after gospel meeting - a tradition that we started a couple of months ago on Wednesday nights. We stayed up until 2 am - just chatting - something I have not done in a very long time but it was so worth it. I will remember that for the rest of my life (or until my memory goes). I will get to see my wonderful friend tomorrow, and I am going to try so hard to not cry. I don't want to make it harder for her ... but we'll see how I do. Her sweet 2 year old (almost 3 year old) we'll miss a lot. She is such a beautiful, intelligent, loving, (sometimes stubborn), child with an amazing sense of humor and personality. We'll miss Ava so much. Another reason why I need to work for Horizon - flight benefits to Texas! Another sad thing is that I wont get to see baby #2 when she is 24 hours old like we were able to do when Ava was born. Jenny - thank you for all the memories that you and I made - the heartfelt visits and for you just being you. I will miss you incredibly, however know that you have a huge opportunity awaiting you in Texas. I do hope that you really are planning on moving back to Portland area in 5 years or whenever you can! (Oh and by the way we got into the zoo today for free so I should put the money we saved into our "going to Texas to visit our friends jug)." :) 

I think this about sums up my life for the past couple of weeks/months ... and I'll try to update with pictures soon. 

Thanks again for reading! :)

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  1. Ahhh... a bff moving miles away is hard stuff. Our modern, electronic world will help you stay in touch but not being able to hold little Ava, skin-to-skin is sad. :(

    Hooray on the house! Keeping my fingers crossed that all the numbers line up so the bank will approve the loan.