Thursday, April 19, 2012


Well, we told our good friends good-bye on Sunday. I did manage not to really shed a tear (outwardly) until we got into our car to leave. It was super hard to see our friends go, but somehow I thought it might be harder for them to see me crying at their leaving. That day and the next, both Dennis and I were walking around the house quoting things that Ava has said through the past year that we thought were cute! We are really looking forward to when we can see them again - hopefully soon!

The appraisal came back from our house yesterday. It appraised for more than we offered - so both our loan officer and realtor said that it was instant equity! We also picked out the hardwoods that we want to put in there - however can't purchase them until we close on the house. This proves to be tricky - because we have to pay 1/2 when we order the wood and it can take 3-4 weeks to get into the shop. Our closing date is less than 4 weeks from now. And, the it takes the wood 1 week to acclimatize to the house before anything can be done with it. Good thing the carpet needs to be torn out, the whole place cleaned and painted before we lay the hardwoods! We picked out rustic red oak. We both like it and I hope that it looks awesome in the house. Also, yesterday, I picked up a bunch of boxes from the place where I used to work. It is always fun going back, especially now that some time has passed since I got laid off.

Dennis has been getting more hours at work this week - he has a co-worker who quit last week. That is a very good thing and hopefully it'll continue going this way for him! 

Next week (Thursday) is my interview with Horizon! Wish me luck! I would love to work for an airline again and am looking forward to being able to help people as well as having the flying benefits!

I'll put more updates about our house on here - and when everything points towards the direction of the house being ours - I'll tell the story of how we found the house and the timeframe of the process. :)

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