Wednesday, May 30, 2012

House progress

In less than one week it is amazing to me what has gotten done to our house. We are so lucky to have parents who were willing to spend their holiday weekend helping us on our house. My parents came over early Friday morning and Dennis' parents arrived on Friday night. Also, Dennis' co-worker John and his wife Janet helped a lot both on Friday night and Saturday! I'm not able to post pictures onto blogger tonight - I think that the feature isn't working. Maybe I'll post them onto facebook instead. 

Anyway - all the floors have been ripped up/out. Friday my mom, friend Kayla and I cleaned. We washed the walls and ceiling and counters in the kitchen. Friday afternoon our friend Bob came by and ended up using his skill saw to cut out the linoleum flooring. We also had Marvin Robinson, John Hyde, Charlotte Dissmore, and later Judy Robinson stop by to see our house! Then Bryan Joyce and Lyle Waldo came over on their way to play basketball at the park close to our house. Dennis' parents arrived around 8:30 and they were raring to go and the rest of us were winding down. We did let them help a little that night! Saturday we were up, full of energy and ready for another days work! The major things that happened on Saturday were #1 hardwood floors were picked up. #2 Windows got washed #3 taping for painting began and the biggest one #4 the floors got painted. Sunday we didn't do anything to the house. It was nice having our parents in meeting with us. My parents and I headed up to Auburn to celebrate my grandpa's 75th birthday. It was a treat seeing the family again! Monday we were at the house again - more taping in preparation for painting. Once we got the primer sprayed on the walls (we tinted the primer) we realized that we didn't like the color. (We were going to go with the same color of wall paint as the tinted primer). So mom and I went to the paint store and picked up many more samples! We finally picked one that we liked. The main things that happened on Monday #1 we had to say goodbye to Lloyd #2 hardwood floors got moved into our garage #3 taping completed #4 primer sprayed on #5 we got a brief visit with Dale & Kari and their 3 adorable, sweet girls. My oh my how I miss them! Tuesday evening Dennis and I picked up the paint that we liked and got it sprayed on with Bob's help. Wednesday Dennis' mom came and helped me do some touch up paint and then I had to take her to the airport. 

Now it is just Dennis and I. We need to purchase plywood to lay down on the floors and then get started laying, sanding and varnishing the hardwoods. We will welcome any and all volunteers to come and help us!  

All for now - maybe I'll get pics posted on here some day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our new first home!

We're OFFICIALLY homeowners! Wahoo! Now the work begins! Schedule tonight: tear some carpet out and paint the floors! 

The outside of our new home!

Dining room and kitchen

Living room!

I'll do my best to keep this blog updated as our work is being done. There are 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms - so we have plenty of room for company! Come visit anytime (we'd especially welcome anyone in the next month to come help us). :) 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gearing up for a busy day!

During the past 5 months or so, I've been very lucky and very spoiled. After Dennis leaves for work in the morning - I can go back to bed if and when I want to. Well, my back to bed days are O-VER! :)

Today it seems like my list is a mile long. I am about ready to drink my morning cup of joe and then will tackle my list! It consists of things like more packing, cleaning, transferring our names to our new address, calling utility companies, possibly a trip to Home Depot, loading up the cars with our cleaning supplies ... the list goes on! I'm looking forward to the busyness the next couple of months will bring! 

I suppose I'd better stop stalling and start working towards crossing things off my list! :) 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We signed papers today!

Finally! Dennis and I signed papers for our new house. I think we both knew that it would eventually happen - but we are so excited. We aren't able to get our keys until Thursday - but we were able to drop something off at the house tonight that was hanging out in D's pickup bed - the new gun safe that he bought! Thursday night will be a late one - we plan on tearing out the carpet, painting the floor and get started on cleaning the garage! Friday, my dear mom is taking the day off from work and helping us work on the house. By Saturday afternoon/evening we are hoping to have the inside of the house clean and start taping off in preparation for painting! Things are coming together!

Tomorrow I have a crafty project that I'd like to finish before Thursday night and also have many more boxes that can be packed with currently unused things. Hopefully I'll have time for both!

Sunday - I am looking forward to seeing some family - it'll be a very nice break (early on) from the house and to get some socialization in and family time! Will post a picture on here when the house is actually ours - when we have the keys in our hand!

Fun times ahead! We are looking forward to this new adventure in our lives together - home ownership! :) 

Friday, May 18, 2012

This is frustrating.

We should have had the keys to our new house on Tuesday night. The house was supposed to be taped off to be painted starting tomorrow ... but nope. There have been just little things that are holding this up ... so many people are involved with the paper work for us buying a house - why can't we just get it yet? We have been getting excited for the past 48 days - and now it's time to get frustrated. Everything with finding the house, our offer, loan, etc has been smooth sailing until now. Why on a 45 day closing are we 3 days late? I know that 3 days is pretty much nothing - but it sure feels like it now. Especially when the house that we're living in will go on the market soon (supposed to happen this week actually) and our living room is filled with boxes. I'm ready to tear some carpets out - I'm even willing to break fingernails and get my hands dirty! We've been holding our breath but trying not to hope too much that we'll sign papers today - but it's not looking that way. I. Just. Want. The. Keys. To. Our. New. Home. Is that really too much to ask? Hopefully soon ... 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Should have been today ...

Today was the day that we've been waiting for since March 30th. Today should have been closing day. We had a 45 day waiting period for closing - and several people that we've talked to have told us that 45 days should be enough time for us to close on time. The past couple of days we've been in constant contact with our loan office and realtor and have been told that there are some necessary corrections to be made to the appraisal ... and that is what is holding up this whole process!!! So, our realtor changed the closing date to Friday the 18th and our rate is locked in until Thursday the 17th. Let's hope that we close by Thursday. One good thing is that we won't have to wait between signing and getting the keys - that should be done the same day! Another really good thing is that my mom's is flexible on her days to come help - we'll just have to scrub and paint faster than we were first imagining. Lloyd and Jenny's dates to come and help need to stay the same. 

Since we aren't closing today - I suppose it's onto more packing! All for now - will update again when I know something more.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In one week ...

In one week (if all goes as planned) Dennis and I will be homeowners! 

This is a very exciting and slightly scary thought too. Exciting - because this will be our very first home. There are things that we want to do to this home and we can - because it will be ours. Scary - because it seems with owning a home there is a lot of commitment and responsibility. If something goes wrong - it'll be our responsibility to fix and to foot the bill.

When we were told that we would have a 45 day closing period I thought that was forever away. Well, 45 days is almost here - and we have a total of 6 boxes packed! Ack - I'd better get busy! I think that thing that is weighing on me the heaviest is the attic. The past 3 years that we've lived in Sherwood if something has gotten in the way or we don't want or need it at the time - we have just chucked it into the attic. Sure, our new house has an attic too - but why move something if we don't need/use or want it? I am trying to be un-seminental about things this time through our moving process, although it is hard!

Here is a tentative schedule for the next 3-4ish weeks, in case anyone would like to come join in on the fun! :)

Tuesday, May 15th: Tear out carpets. 
Wednesday May 16th - Nothing (I have a babysitting job)
Thursday May 17th Cleaning
Friday May 18th Cleaning
Saturday May 19th Cleaning. (My dear, sweet mother is going to take of her precious vacation days to come help me clean my new house! Any ideas on how I should repay her or show to her my thankful-ness)?
Dennis would like to start painting on Saturday May 19th - we'll see how fast we can clean!
Sunday May 20th maybe start painting 
Monday May 21st Painting
Tuesday May 22nd Painting
Wednesday May 23rd Painting
Thursday May 24th Painting - maybe if it needs it. (We're planning on doing the whole house the same color and using a sprayer so that'll hopefully make it go quicker.
Friday May 25th Prepare for the Hardwood days. (Lloyd and Jenny are coming from Boise to help with the hardwoods). Again - any ideas on how we can repay them?
Saturday May 26th - Saturday June 2nd - HARDWOOD, sand, varnish, sand, varnish ... repeat until it is completed. 
Tentative move in date: Saturday June 9th (although I just realized that weekend is the Sherwood Cruise-In - which is C-R-A-Z-Y as far as parking, traffic, etc goes. Maybe we'll have to do the majority of the moving on a weekday or postpone to the next weekend. 

I'll update with changes as they come and also if our closing date will be after the 15th. I will also post pictures of the house once closing has occurred and we know for sure it is ours. :)