Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In one week ...

In one week (if all goes as planned) Dennis and I will be homeowners! 

This is a very exciting and slightly scary thought too. Exciting - because this will be our very first home. There are things that we want to do to this home and we can - because it will be ours. Scary - because it seems with owning a home there is a lot of commitment and responsibility. If something goes wrong - it'll be our responsibility to fix and to foot the bill.

When we were told that we would have a 45 day closing period I thought that was forever away. Well, 45 days is almost here - and we have a total of 6 boxes packed! Ack - I'd better get busy! I think that thing that is weighing on me the heaviest is the attic. The past 3 years that we've lived in Sherwood if something has gotten in the way or we don't want or need it at the time - we have just chucked it into the attic. Sure, our new house has an attic too - but why move something if we don't need/use or want it? I am trying to be un-seminental about things this time through our moving process, although it is hard!

Here is a tentative schedule for the next 3-4ish weeks, in case anyone would like to come join in on the fun! :)

Tuesday, May 15th: Tear out carpets. 
Wednesday May 16th - Nothing (I have a babysitting job)
Thursday May 17th Cleaning
Friday May 18th Cleaning
Saturday May 19th Cleaning. (My dear, sweet mother is going to take of her precious vacation days to come help me clean my new house! Any ideas on how I should repay her or show to her my thankful-ness)?
Dennis would like to start painting on Saturday May 19th - we'll see how fast we can clean!
Sunday May 20th maybe start painting 
Monday May 21st Painting
Tuesday May 22nd Painting
Wednesday May 23rd Painting
Thursday May 24th Painting - maybe if it needs it. (We're planning on doing the whole house the same color and using a sprayer so that'll hopefully make it go quicker.
Friday May 25th Prepare for the Hardwood days. (Lloyd and Jenny are coming from Boise to help with the hardwoods). Again - any ideas on how we can repay them?
Saturday May 26th - Saturday June 2nd - HARDWOOD, sand, varnish, sand, varnish ... repeat until it is completed. 
Tentative move in date: Saturday June 9th (although I just realized that weekend is the Sherwood Cruise-In - which is C-R-A-Z-Y as far as parking, traffic, etc goes. Maybe we'll have to do the majority of the moving on a weekday or postpone to the next weekend. 

I'll update with changes as they come and also if our closing date will be after the 15th. I will also post pictures of the house once closing has occurred and we know for sure it is ours. :)

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