Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Should have been today ...

Today was the day that we've been waiting for since March 30th. Today should have been closing day. We had a 45 day waiting period for closing - and several people that we've talked to have told us that 45 days should be enough time for us to close on time. The past couple of days we've been in constant contact with our loan office and realtor and have been told that there are some necessary corrections to be made to the appraisal ... and that is what is holding up this whole process!!! So, our realtor changed the closing date to Friday the 18th and our rate is locked in until Thursday the 17th. Let's hope that we close by Thursday. One good thing is that we won't have to wait between signing and getting the keys - that should be done the same day! Another really good thing is that my mom's is flexible on her days to come help - we'll just have to scrub and paint faster than we were first imagining. Lloyd and Jenny's dates to come and help need to stay the same. 

Since we aren't closing today - I suppose it's onto more packing! All for now - will update again when I know something more.

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