Friday, May 18, 2012

This is frustrating.

We should have had the keys to our new house on Tuesday night. The house was supposed to be taped off to be painted starting tomorrow ... but nope. There have been just little things that are holding this up ... so many people are involved with the paper work for us buying a house - why can't we just get it yet? We have been getting excited for the past 48 days - and now it's time to get frustrated. Everything with finding the house, our offer, loan, etc has been smooth sailing until now. Why on a 45 day closing are we 3 days late? I know that 3 days is pretty much nothing - but it sure feels like it now. Especially when the house that we're living in will go on the market soon (supposed to happen this week actually) and our living room is filled with boxes. I'm ready to tear some carpets out - I'm even willing to break fingernails and get my hands dirty! We've been holding our breath but trying not to hope too much that we'll sign papers today - but it's not looking that way. I. Just. Want. The. Keys. To. Our. New. Home. Is that really too much to ask? Hopefully soon ... 

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