Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We signed papers today!

Finally! Dennis and I signed papers for our new house. I think we both knew that it would eventually happen - but we are so excited. We aren't able to get our keys until Thursday - but we were able to drop something off at the house tonight that was hanging out in D's pickup bed - the new gun safe that he bought! Thursday night will be a late one - we plan on tearing out the carpet, painting the floor and get started on cleaning the garage! Friday, my dear mom is taking the day off from work and helping us work on the house. By Saturday afternoon/evening we are hoping to have the inside of the house clean and start taping off in preparation for painting! Things are coming together!

Tomorrow I have a crafty project that I'd like to finish before Thursday night and also have many more boxes that can be packed with currently unused things. Hopefully I'll have time for both!

Sunday - I am looking forward to seeing some family - it'll be a very nice break (early on) from the house and to get some socialization in and family time! Will post a picture on here when the house is actually ours - when we have the keys in our hand!

Fun times ahead! We are looking forward to this new adventure in our lives together - home ownership! :) 

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