Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Locked out of our own house!

Sunday evening we were going to move the hardwoods so that we could get right to work on Monday morning. Well, when we got there Sunday we weren't able to get into our own house! What a strange feeling. We have a electronic, coded deadbolt on our door. It has been super duper handy to give the code to company and they can come and let themselves in if we are not home. Well, the electronics were working - we'd put the code in and it indicated that we entered the right code - but when we turned the knob it wasn't registering to unlatch the deadbolt. And the keys to this deadbolt were locked in the garage in the safe! We walked around our whole house and tried every window and they were all locked. We tried to break in through the sliding glass door but that didn't work either!!! We finally gave up and Monday morning Dennis got in by using a sawzall to get the deadbolt off and we now have a brand new one! We've been told by several people that homeownership is expensive and they weren't kidding! :) We were super glad that our beds are still in Sherwood so that we had somewhere to sleep for the night! I wonder what will happen next.

Lots of hard work = amazing outcomes!

We have owned our house less than 3 weeks and the amount that we've accomplished in that timeframe is amazing. I know we would not have gotten this far without help from: Mel, Debbie, Lloyd, Jenny, John, Janet, Kayla, Bob, Marvin, Judy, June, David, Stacy and Tristan. Some of the above mentioned people have sweated while working in our house and others have been so kind to lend us tools and others to bring food to us. Also, it has been so fun having people just stop by to see our progress. In the almost 3 weeks, we've torn out all of the carpet/flooring, painted all the floors and walls (except the master bath which hopefully will get done before too long), taken out the range (that we found out doesn't work), moved the hardwoods into the house, planted a peony, planted lilacs, mowed the grass, raked the grass, weeded, round-uped, pressure washed the driveway and back patio, started laying hardwoods ... and now we are more than 1/2 way done with laying our hardwoods! We are so extremely thankful for the help that we've received! Dennis is working from 2-10:30 pm these days, so we go to bed around midnight, wake up around 8, get to our new house around 10, work for a couple of hours on it and then he goes off to work.

And, I figured out how to post pics - not the most convenient way - but pics! Please enjoy!

The old color - all taped off to be painted

Jenny rolling after the paint was sprayed

Ah, yes, Jenny and I spent an afternoon at the Rhododendron garden! It was quite lovely!

Gorgeous pink and white flowers

Spider web that my camera took an awesome shot of

Such a beautiful, peaceful place

A bee getting some nectar

You can see the stinger out - pretty awesome

Flowers in focus - water not (still learning how to use my camera)

Water in focus - flowers not

Bottoms up!

These 2 stuck together most of the time - pretty ducks

These little fella's were so cute. They were pretty tiny too.

Pretty bridge over un-troubled water

Jenny and I

Finished color of the walls

Original wall color - we like the new better!

Don - this pic is for you - the airplane successfully made it to the new house and was displayed on the hardwoods!

Our planted peony - thanks again June!

Laying hardwoods - I was wearing the mask because of getting whacked in the face by a board - the mask was a joke though! :)

Glad I have a strong husband! I have refused to try the stapler so far. We are borrowing an air compressor so that makes it easier so I've been told.

This was our progress on Saturday evening. We now have all of the kitchen done and most of the living room. We do have some living room left - but we started in the laundry closet today ... I think we're taking a break from the house tomorrow but we'll see. It's been fun and I can't wait till we're done and then we can have people over to our completed house!